WordPress Free vs Paid Theme for your Next Project!

In 2019, most of the beginner decides to start own website or project. But one question still in mind, which WordPress theme is best for my business or project.

Why you need to worry about a free theme, For example, if you are using WordPress for ex. by default theme, seventeen, you will get only future updates of theme, no support for resolving errors, version issues, etc.

Looking for simple and free WordPress theme?

Yes, definitely there is a lot of available on the internet. You can download it in zip format and then upload it your dashboard through the theme section. Anybody, who is having enough knowledge to modify the original source code, can easily built own best and attractive free version of WordPress theme and that is reliable for the blog or upcoming business project.

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Wordpress Free Vs Paid Theme

Let’s compare Free WordPress theme vs Paid Theme.

Before start, I suggest you do not fall in confusion between WordPress theme vs template, that’s a completely different story. I will make the next post on WordPress theme vs template guidance. Comment me if you need these as the next topic.

WordPress Free Theme

Completely Free: yes, you heard right. These free version themes are designed for users and you edit code and files as per your need. Most developers have their own agenda for releasing free theme, it’s a like test your product before completely launch into a large market.

More Plugin Support: Plugins! its superb thing in WordPress, it has the power to convert simple and dull theme, into powerful with fully responsive design, but if you use it wisely. You can get a lot of plugins which support for WordPress theme, as well you can apply an untested version of plugins for a theme.

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Is it really free? Imagine. A developer works almost 16 hours a day to build this full-fledged theme, and it release to user for free distribution. Once you work on the free theme and in middle of development you will get an error in custom, then what?


You have to buy a premium theme or otherwise resolve those file errors. (if you were really able to resolve the error. Then you must able to build your own)

50% of users have a doubt on developers, whenever you will get an update on a free theme. It is like less update, but more like code injector, that destroy free theme and you will be stuck in broken files. That’s end!!

Wordpress Free Theme Error

No! Wait solution is below.

WordPress Premium Theme:

More Functionality: Premium theme has numerous customization options than their free counterparts. They also provide some high-end features, paid plug-ins, etc.

After support: Once you buy the premium theme, developers will provide you full support through call, remote access, email, etc.

Regular Updates: Due to continuous high competition and rising hacking factors. You will get continuous updates or security patches regarding themes and tools.

So decide which one would fit into your budget! According to me go for premium version themes. But sometimes your favorite theme can be more expensive I know. Some would charge you yearly subscription, after year ends they will charge you again. So go for onetime payment.

Conclusion: Don’t go to the official website of themes to buy, instead of visit themes store. They are selling at a good price. Invest once and earn lifetime.

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