What is the Easiest Font to Read – 10 Best Community Accepted


Bloggers often use these opportunities to attract the traffic and the fonts become a prominent option for them.

In every way possible as they become a solid foundation for bloggers to attract the readers in reading various blogs through their interesting content.

Actually the font also plays an equal role in attracting the audience as they hold a varied importance when it comes to making eye defining experience for the readers.

The font makes it more legible, crisp and efficient for reading any kind of material in any genre.

So to simplify your experience we are bringing to you the top 10 best readable fonts in terms of bloggers.

10 Easiest Fonts to Read:


The fonts are famous because it is considered as the most readable and adding to it is free as well as available in all the types like light, normal, bold and ultra bold. 

It is a typeface serif fonts which are available through Google fonts. 

The main part of blogging is not only the content but the fonts also set the mood to read for the audience. 

It is necessary to opt for best blogging fonts and somewhere Merriweather is the premium choice when it comes to blog writing in any genre. It feels traditional while reading in those fonts.


It was basically originated by Julieta Ulanovsky. 

The idea behind originating these fonts is the old posters and signs inspired them to create such a linguistic material of fonts.

The basic urban typography from the earlier twenties gives it the traditional old school look. 

The way of this font can be made when you are writing short pieces with all the caps and the geometric simplicity gives it a fine edge.

It is actually best suited to give the feeling of trust to the readers of your blog and can build a mutual understanding with the words conveyed through this font.

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Pluto Sans:-

It is basically a geometric sans serif which was originally designed by Hannes Von Dohren and was published in 2012. 

Though it is less quirky than the original Pluto Sans but the playful character makes it more interesting.

While writing a creative piece or a funny content as the y and g characters come with the looping descenders.

It is a free font which helps you to connect through the audience in a quirky way and can creatively build a trust between audience and blogger. For creativity it is the premium content.


These fonts are of large-x height give it more legible look then any other fonts and has a unique design with a feel of a bit in use for novel writing.

These fonts can be used professionally for the literature related material and also in study related content. Fonts are fairly upright so it can be used for evident display in applications.

It has also got a certificate of excellence for the outstanding performance in type design for the year 2007. The font was exclusively created by Mitja Miklav who is prominently an Slovenian designer. 

It is for free and in premium quality while in use.


The fonts are being designed by Robin Nicholas and Patrica Saunders which has been a Neo-grotesque sans serif which can be marketed sometimes by Arial MT.

This type of font comprises many styles Regular, italics, bold italics and in various other abbreviations. Arial was prominently replaced by calibri in 2007. 

Arial fonts can be prominently used everywhere by default for many software related services. 

Professionally for writing blogs it can be the best in use with the readability that has been easy comparatively.


Helvetica is a widely used sans serif typeface which was developed in 1957 by Max Miedinger and also got an input from Eduard Hoffman. 

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It is a neutral and eligible font which can be best discovered with its neutrality and legibility. 

The wide approach of Helvetica is due to its take over in the major companies so it became more and more popular.

It basically makes the web more beautiful, fast and open through great typography. The documentary about the typography mentioned it is one of the premium in its own kind for the world.


It is a serif that is typeface which was designed in 1993 by Mathew Carter and addon to this it was hinted by Tom Rickner. 

It is must but legible for small and low resolution screens and printed with precision and accuracy. 

The most accurate font is easy to perceive to read, sharper and more legible than any other fonts of the world.

The blogger needs to be very accurate with the fonts and Georgia can be very well stood in the world of dimensions is web safe system bonds with the world.

It is the best condemned for the blogger when it sustains the legible icons and style makes it best for the use.


It is a geometric sans serif which was basically designed by Paul Renner. The geometric shapes and add-on in the new Frankfurt project was basically used for technical projects.

As it has a great balance geometrical space the free web based font used in films and videos exclusively can be of a great versatility in every sense.

It can actually create crisp and clean form of content with razor sharp apexes as it can be used for design and commercial purposes. 

It is a premium font used for creative purposes and can satisfy in each and everything possible.


It is a sans serif typeface family which was designed by the Warsaw based designer. These fonts were actually released in 2015. 

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Lato is a font which is widely used by 9.6 million websites and is actually considered as the third most searched font once in the Google fonts.

Lato is basically available as an open source in each and every sense possible and a free font which is best for professional resumes. 

For the blogger it can be a best deal to use such fonts as for the professional people it is best for the use. 


It is a sans serif with the rounded terminals. These fonts are basically designed by Andrew Panglinawan and used geometric shapes and designs.

They can use the fonts freely in your products and project it to print digital, commercial or otherwise they are free in use for the professionals.

It is a great font for headlines on television and news as it can thicker the font weight in every sense possible.

It is actually available for an open source font which derives its own derivation and crisp which belongs to every important document in this world that is all the reason to use Quicksand.


As we have seen the top 10 fonts in every space available and cracks mostly all the needs of your own blog.

Whether you write in a technical genre or professional or a highly creative blog everything can summed up with these fonts.

The top 10 blogging fonts have the capability to attract the traffic on your blogging site by creating a high on reach market for the bloggers and help them to grow more in every sense.

As per your convenience, you can use anyone for the mentioned above fonts to enhance your blogs in every capable way.

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