What is Favicon and How to Deal with Not Showing Issue

Do you wish to make your brand accessible and want to create a brand identity in the minds of loyal users? Then, make sure to add the favicon to your WordPress website.

Favicon are generally a speaking recognization of brands, where user can precisely identify the brands, and this is the main reason where trusted brands grow.

From building a brand perspective, the brand logo should be precise and delivers the appropriate values to the user, as the same favicon works online brand reorganization and helps in UX improvement.

In this article, we are going to discuss what a favicon is and how you can add the favicon to the website or WordPress site. Also, we’ll see why favicon is not showing up on the chrome.

What is a Favicon?

Generally speaking, a favicon is a small icon that represents the brand or logo, to the head portion of the website.

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If your new to this topic, then check the below image. Here is the screenshot of my website and how it looks on the chrome browser.

how to add favicon to website

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How to Create and Add Favicon to the Website?

First of all, creating favicon is not a simple thing. It’s an easy task for you if you are from graphics or have enough knowledge to handle photoshop.

Some criteria must be followed when preparing favicon for your website.

Your icon must be 16×16 or 32×32 pixel, so it can easily fit into the browser tab. Another thing is to make sure to create by following standard procedure. Otherwise, its pixel will tear up when you see on the tab.

If you don’t want to mess with this procedure, visit the below website to generate favicon automatically.


Once you get your ico file, this is the file extension of your favicon, do not consider jpg or png usual image format.

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Visit the backend of your WordPress, and navigate to the plugin section, search for the favicon.

favicon wordpress plugin
Click on the recommended plugin to install, before install, make sure this plugin is supported to the current WordPress theme.

After installing look for Appearance>Favicon.

change favicon wordpress
This is how your plugin interface looks, click on check your favicon button, or directly add the recommended file through the below-mentioned box and click on generate favicon.

That’s it. Once uploaded, check the live version of the tab in chrome.

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Favicon Not Showing Up Issue Resolved

If you have acutely follows all the steps as I have mentioned above, but still not showing favicon in google chrome. Then many possibilities lead to not showing the favicon logo.

Most of the time, favicon issues rise in the chrome browser.

1) If you are chrome user, then clear your cache and test also similarly test another browser if this issue persists.

2) The issue might be in the variable path, where some string characters are added on the path, so check the source code.

3) Make sure you have .ico file for the favicon, check whether you have the same extension of file, jpg, png, gif not recommended.

4) Try to change the file name, do not upload directly downloaded file from online favicon generators sites.

I hope all the above criteria, will surely assist you in solving favicon not showing issue.

Let me know your thoughts.

Conclusion: Favicon is not a just image, It means everything for your online assets, from website to apps, so make sure to add a favicon for your WordPress website, hit the share button, if you like the post.

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