Useful Sites Like Lifehacker – Manage Your Small Task is Super Easy


Everybody loves life hack tips and tricks; if you are landed on this page, that means you are aware of life hacker websites. Still, you haven’t found something particular on the Lifehacker website, then no worries, we have many other sites like Lifehacker which can help you resolve small day-to-day tasks.

Lifehacker is a web blog since 2005, And it was initially launched by the Gawker Media and is now owned by G/O Media.

The website generally covers all the small daily tasks, DIY tips, body hack, getting things done, and most of the tech-related topics.

Many more websites on the internet provide similar and more detailed information on particular topics. If you haven’t got what you are researching on the internet, I have a list of sites like lifehacker, which helps you instantly find answers for your query.

Top 5 Sites Like Lifehacker:

Check out the below-mentioned sides, which provide the hacks and DIY tips on every activity.

Lifehack, a professional blog that provides Life hacking tricks, tips, general DIY, the guide that increases productivity and efficiency.

The website is seen on most big news websites, including Bloomberg, TechCrunch, The Washington Post, guardian, etc. The blog covers almost every topic: motivation, productivity, work, success, communication, happiness, fitness and health, etc.

You can check out their blog and bookmark it as the best sites like lifehacker, if you found what you are looking for related to hacks.

It’s a relevant website for those who are always looking for some hack on life approach and lifestyle.

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As the domain name describes, the website entirely focused on human and life-related aspects, including daily activities.

The domain is on the mission to provide helpful resources for the individual since 2015 and has more useful information that you will not get quickly on the internet.

Dumblittleman, the domain’s name is pretty cool and comfortable to remember; you can consider it as the best informational sites like lifehacker on the internet.

The website is a primarily online magazine since 2006 and provides life advice and daily inspiration related tips on the blog.

The website has a pretty good structure and is easy to navigate, so you quickly find the required information about human communication and relationships.

1000lifehacks is an excellent example of visual hacks and a pretty good website where you can learn and read every hack via image slide.

The website also offers premium features where you can pay a small amount to the website owner and receive daily hacks straight to your mail-id; also, you can check out the recommended products on the store menu.

The website generally covers every topic for hacks, so if you haven’t found something you are looking for on the internet, visit 1000 lifehacks.


Unclutterer, The premium, and fresh-looking web blog offers everyday tips and tricks, Including home, office every small activity-related information.

The authors give the complete reviews on the household product; check out the recommendation on the review page.

The website delivers unmatched quality information on almost every topic, and you can consider this as one of the best sites like life hacker.

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Bottom Line: You will find tons of websites on the internet that provide every piece of information and shortcut to the simple activities that could help you save your time. The sites, as mentioned earlier, are well known for life hack advice. Do you prefer something else that I haven’t said here, then let me know no via comment! If you guys found something helpful on the website, then kindly share the blog with your friends and family.

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