Twitter Decided to Vanish Its Mac Application From Store

Today, I have found some unexpected news from twitter, on its official twitter page, they tweet that, “They announced that it ending its support for Mac application, only Mac user has access of twitter from web version website”.

Twitter For Ios Stop Working

Personally, I don’t know what issue they had, but twitter app for ios will no longer available, I think there would be an extra security features from apple will leads to or acts as barrier for twitter user experience. And they say that we are consistently working on another platform for increasing better twitter experience.

And from last Friday 16 Feb. 2018, they will only provide services to existing twitter app not more than 30 days, after that they discontinue their services from ios store.

Some data has been say that only 1.7 rating has acquire twitter app from ios store, may be that is reason for their discontinuation.

But after 30 days if twitter has not there, and addicted, honest user of twitter definitely divert to another alternatives.

I have also do some research on this topic as well:

This application highly used by many user to the best alternative of twitter application, this is Texas based social media application, like twitter, facebook etc. they also offer multimedia functionality as well. From past few years they have been shown tremendous growth on user and its revenue also.

Or you might try


Tumblr is social networking and micro blogging platform founded in 2007, in tumblr you can post or share multimedia and content in short and long term manner, following system in tumblr is present as well. Blogger has its own dashboard.

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Hope this information, will help you. 🙂

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