Top Pocket Alternative Apps You Should Try Now

Do you wish to explore more sites like a pocket, which even offers read it later facility, then check out below mention top 5 pocket alternative online.

Pocket app is one of the revolutionary app, which offers excellent ways to improve user experience as well as a reading experience.

My first interaction with pocket app almost two years before, I m not an old user, but I m one regular one who posts daily articles and news links. Once you join this website, you will experience why they are highly interactive.

At the moment, the pocket app offers a freemium plan, like free one, as per this, we can access our saved content, links, images, videos offline.

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The offline feature is only available on apps. For a website, you should have to log in. Check out their android app and ios app for a more fruitful experience.

Paid plans divide as per annual and monthly membership. The monthly plan will cost $4.99 per month; for annual, we have to pay $44.99, which is why they have paid plans because they don’t want to rely on ads that can disturb users.

If you have used all of your space or wish to explore more sites, check out my recommendation of pocket alternative.

One more exciting feature I have noticed is that. You can save your links to the account via email if you sync this process accurately.

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The pocket app delivers many ways to save their work to the account. If you’re continuous on the system, then add links via bookmarklet, which helps you save any link via a browser extension. Or we can add links via our dashboard.

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Top 5 Pocket Alternative Apps Online:


Evernote App

Evernote is a brilliant platform and one of the trusted pocket alternative on the market today. As the name suggests, this freemium platform allows users to save you creative work quickly and to access anytime, anywhere.

Wheather is doc or pdf, we can save it all via Evernote, this app is reliable to keep all of your work easily.
The interesting thing I noticed is they support the paperless concept.

We can easily add our healthcare, insurance files, warranty card, recipes, invoices, business cards, and anything you wish to save. The Evernote app currently offers three plans, including free, premium, and business, premiums cost you around 190 per month, and business will cost you 500/user/month.

Soup IO

Soup is the best pocket alternative platform, which slightly offers unique features. Primarily this platform is recognized as profile creation websites, but this platform is more features than just web profile.

We can store all of our work to account, they offer permanent link of your dashboard, so you read it anything from this link via offline.

Magzine feature shows all of our save work, whether article or videos, via sync capabilities in the form of a blog, so you can find your link, via tags.
Soup offers ads-free experience via three plans, a tip of the hat, as long as its yummy and infinity.



Instapaper a highly creative and reliable pocket alternative on the internet today. This works even on the ios and android app.

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If you love this platform and wish to embed this feature into your application, use Full Developer API, and for support, they deliver complete information on the API page.

Basically, this platform gives access to save all of the exciting videos, articles, cooking recopies, news anything that’s comes to your mind to read it later purpose.

Instapaper has a highly intuitive UI and clean interface provide us highlight feature to save imp points at ease. The premium features start from $2.99 per month and $29.99 per year.

Elink IO

Elink is a simple but highest creative platform, which can be used as a pocket alternative today.
Save your web links, videos, and document under one place, and later we can bundle them to embed in email newsletter features that very exciting.

One of the highly creative platforms allows user to customize their dashboard appearance through responsive layouts.

Elink not only offers personal space to store all of the work but also more than that we can use their digital products, including newsletters, content generator, RSS feeds, content curation, bookmark manager, and many more.

If you wish to explore more features of elink, then try their individual’s plans, others are school and enterprise plans.



Pinboard a brilliant platform that can work better if you wish to use it as a pocket alternative. This platform is built by one man, no team, no developers, only one person creativity, which stands against million-dollar giants.

As the name suggests, the pinboard is a fast, not highly decorated, but simple interface that provides a space to store our weblinks easily, keeping safe users’ privacy as well.

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Multi-language support platforms which charge user $22 per year to unlock the benefits of the pinboard.

Conclusion: I hope you get the top 5 pocket alternative, which works better as compare to pocket. Let us know your opinion and hit the share if you love this post.

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