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We spent a lot of time to improve site structures, page loading issue, and mobile-friendly design to look good and feel the user rich experience. But in that process, we forget to build backlink, which is the backbone of SEO, Here are high authorities social bookmarking sites list that is defiantly going to helps your website.

In this digital age, the top search engine rules the web world to give an accurate result for users. As we all know, filtering results from trillion web index pages are backend activity of google, and we can not even imagine which of our competitors get a boost by merely doing backlink activity.

We all know, we are here to make money or profits for self, most aggressive competitors went for blackhat SEO techniques to outrank others.

SEO is the slow and steady process where you have to build your association in terms of backlinks, your trustworthiness like review and rating, and your authority by improving domain and page rating.

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As usual, we tend to follow the old way of building backlink, including forum sites, blog commenting sites, etc.

Now the new SEO gigs do not recommend us to follow the same old techniques to improves our site’s value, that’s because every year’s Google comes up with ten or more updates that will penalize your sites somehow, someway, and you aren’t doing against it right.

Whenever your post new articles or release new services related page to your websites, then make sure to share this on social bookmarking sites.

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If you are new to this or don’t have enough knowledge about what social bookmarking is and how it helps, then stay with this post.

What is Social Bookmarking in SEO?

Do you belong to an SEO or online marketer? Then it will easy to understand why we recommend doing social bookmarking.

Social bookmarking is a free and quick method to built backlinks and easy to share with groups of friends.

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The primary aim of social bookmarking is to expose your content to the millions of users at an instant without paying single bucks to the site owner.

Don’t you believe it? Take the example of Tumblr, scoop it, Reddit, this are giants in the social bookmarking category, and these sites fetch almost millions of traffic daily.

What are the Benefits of Social Bookmarking?

  1. Social bookmarking is a free and reliable way to build backlinks.
  2. We expect to get link juice from these sites if you know how to find do-follow sites.
  3. The social bookmarking site has quick indexing priority from google due to thousands of pages, that’s why your content will going to viral withing hours.
  4. Due to massive traffic, these sites have high authority, and users tend to spend more time, and the chances of getting clicks will increase.

Top Free High PR Social Bookmarking Sites List:

Websites Domain Authority Page Authority 93 81 89 68 63 61 62 59 88 72 98 100 91 87 91 76 90 75 44 37 28 40 58 50 51 56 93 89 92 69 46 58 92 77 47 56 37 49 91 75 55 55 32 52 87 62 47 47 51 54 73 62 55 44 37 48 92 70 48 46
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Conclusion: I hope you like the top list of high pr free social bookmarking sites, let me know your opinion through a comment. Kindly share if you love this post.

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