Top Five Useful and Productive Work From Home Apps

As we all know, everyone is under fear of COVID – 19, So for our safety, we all are tend to complete our work from home. Most of us have been looking for work from home apps? Check out the below list to complete your research.

We all are glad to be begun for the new year at the end of Dec 2019, but no buddy knows, the dangerous crisis has been waiting for humans.
COVID 19 destroyed all most every country’s financial situation, and still its continues.

Most of us who work in the production industries or manufacturing industries will have to go on the leave, due to the lockdown situation.

But IT sectors will able to manage their workflow even in this critical situation, thanks to the work from home apps.

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Can an app make you more productive during your work from home? Yes, if we choose the right app and consistent internet connection will make your work from home smoother.

After getting a month to have work from home offers from companies, we still getting a lot of distraction from our place too for work.

Managing work from home is never easy; first of all, I will divide the family situation into two parts.

In the first scenario, the single person, (not married yet), can easily manage his work without anyone’s interference, but if he has pets in the house, then you have to be multi-tasker to entertain your pets, and boss.

In another situation, if you have your own family like two kids, wife, etc. then still it’s the worst condition to manage work. You can’t deny your kids to play with father, that’s the duty of family man. Also, little disadvantage over unmarried employees like you have to punctuate, and you have spent time on the family too.

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Work-life and family life always collide. As per the surveys, 48% of family person want his partner or family member’s attention.

Noise is the biggest problem when you’re not in the office, like your neighbor’s activity, pets roaming, kids, and other cultural activity that you can easily observe from the window near you.

40% of an employee when they are working from home has reported having body posture-related problems.

Benefits of Work From Home

One of the significant advantages of doing work from home is you can schedule your work time as you like, nobody is there to ask you why you are late on the job.

Another thing is you can go away and feel the fresh environment whenever you want.

You don’t always have to wear formal clothes at home too. Either on video calls, you have to keep neat the first half face.

Most employees like work from only to avoid the seniors and saving themselves from daily gossips.

The Top 5 Revolutionary Work From Home Apps:

Go to Meeting:

First, I would like to recommend the goto meeting software; it is the best alternatives to skype for business, as I m currently using this software to attend conferences and meeting calls.


Skype is also a worldwide accepted app for work from home, and it allows you to do free calls, meetings, screen sharing options too. If you wish to use skype for the international call, then you have to pay small fees.

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Team Viewer:

Team Viewer is the best skype alternatives for business. We can use it for professional and personal work too. This software does not only allow you to get remote access to other pc, but you can manage his account also.

Google Hangouts:

Google hangouts is the recommended skype alternative for business, and you can schedule meetings, broadcasting, and recording feature is also available. Sharing multiple devices and screens too, and the best thing is you don’t have to create a specific business account for that.

ezTalks Meetings:

ezTalks Meetings is the best skype alternatives for business and which primarily used for video conferencing. It can accept any invitation for video calls, with HD face to face collaboration. We can record a long session with playback features and secure sharing options.

Conclusion: I hope you like the list of top 5 work from home apps, so stay home, stay safe until the next announcement.

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