Top Essential Digital Marketing Channels You Should Know

Today, we will explore the useful digital marketing channels you can use for any kind of online business in this digital age.

In the 20th Century, everyone is looking for a cost-effective and reliable method to promote its business, services, and products.

We have many opportunities to promote our online business ideas, which further categorized as paid, and free sources like paid sources always have the advantage against free one.

Top giant ecommerce sites, hosting sites they really don’t have any offline work, whole work is going to execute at the online platform.

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You can easily take any kind of business online via creating a simple website that delivers in front of the right audience with the correct information.

Most of us who don’t have any interaction with the online channels yet think people automatically will come to you and buy your pieces of stuff.

There are many websites online that are looking to drive targeted audience to the site, as per Statista platform from 1990 to 2019, the total numbers are 1.72 billion websites currently running. I can surely predict that in 2020 there will be enormous growth as well because pandemic force people to do work from, which results in giving birth to the newbie in the online world.

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Suppose you have a clean article or shoot videos that are pretty decent on your website, but that does not help you grow sustainable traffic to the website. The growing ratio of the site made google to do hard algorithm updates, which is to lose the user.

Like if you have an offline business, but for the promotions, you also need print pamphlet, brochure and many other hoardings that hang on the pole near the crowded place, the same situation happens online world too. You need to consistently present yourself to a broad audience to gain more exposure.

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So without wasting more time, let’s have some real points on how we can promote ourselves online.

Top 6 Digital Marketing Channels:

Search Engine Optimization:

Seo is one of my favorite methods, and I am working in that field too. I admit this method is entirely free but takes much time to rank. Seriously, it is like six months to 1 year.

In SEO, we usually try to catch the first attention of google to rank a website on the first page, and this is no easy task to get yourself in the first position. Top webmaster from SEO blogs monitor SERP results from many years and what outcome we got, google usually changes its top result only four times in the year. So it’s impossible to get yourself in the first position, but thanks to experts SEO, now we can easily outrank any old competitors not easily but one day definitely.

Seo method is involved with a lot of small tasks, if you inevitably pass from these criteria, then google gives an authority to rank.


This is one of the secure methods to get online business from a targeted user, why it’s easy because your paying in the dollar to Google to stick our web result on the first page.

Google ads are the first result whenever you are on the search engine. Whenever the user fires a query and if it’s relevant to your business, Google will show your result on the first page in the particular ad section.

These are recommended Digital Marketing Channels for intermediates and experts who don’t have much time to work on SEO and organic stuff. If you have a budget for promotion, then try the paid method.

Setting up your ads account is a bit tough. You have to hire PPC experts if you are unable to do yourself. Once it’s complete, you have to analyze how my campaign works and check whether I am targeting an appropriate audience for real profit.

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Social Media:

Social media is a kind free and best digital marketing channel that helps you interact with a real customer and get real business.

There are many social media channels you can try out for new business, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and many other channels.

Social media does offer both options like the free and paid method for promotion. If you provide products or services targeting the young age group, then social media is suitable for growing your business.

Usually, business to business marketing not much success on social media channels because 70% of social platforms are filled with the youngster, which is under 30 age. I am not saying it isn’t easy, but you need to catch and target the right audience on social media consistently.

Content Marketing:

Content marketing is usually a cost-effective digital marketing channel to try if you don’t want to get involved in website maintenance and designing.

You can promote your news without having your website, with the help of press releases, ebooks, news.

This is a paid method. If you have new products or services about to release, you can submit a new press release regarding or provide your details to the news agencies website.

If you don’t have users to show your services or products, give it to those who have millions of users.

Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is directly related to the buying and selling process, and this is an entirely free method to promote products and services via rich content on the website.

First of all, affiliate marketing is work as a commission model, in which you can hire someone to sell your product, and you will pay a small commission to those people who sell your items some

This is recommended for those companies who are having some stuff to sell online. These things are awe-inspiring and surely help you grow your sale in a short time.

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Most marketers will create content regarding the product they are selling, with the help of profs, pros and cons, and some real stats, and this is how they convince users to buy the products and services.

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Email Marketing:

Email marketing is a fully paid method. For set up of email campaign for your business is a costly method, and if you are continually working on email marketing, then this price of marketing increases per user.

There are many ways you can collect your targeted audience email via survey form this one trusted method to get the real email, and the other is a contact form, cold calling, newsletter, etc.

One of the primary benefits of email marketing is that you have the real customers in your hand, and whenever you are about to launch some product, you can directly send an email for the first attention.

Why digital marketing channels needed?

Digital marketing channels offer a lot of benefits to you once you start working.

  • Most of the beginners to experts everyone are on social media.
  • As compared to Google traffic, most social media channels sent constant traffic to the website, which maintains the balance of your business.
  • Paper, TV, Magazines these all are the costliest way to promote.
  • Promote yourself on digital channels is cost-effective and get you max ROI.
  • At this age, most youngsters love to buy kinds of stuff online.
  • Internet is the first place when something happens or releases, so its the best way to keep updated your audience.

Bottom Line:

I hope you like the post and understood how digital marketing channels work very well against traditional offline promotion. Hit the share if you love enjoying reading.

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