Top Ahrefs Alternatives to Track Every Step of Your Competitors

Did you wish to scan your website or want to check your website score, then try below list of ahrefs alternatives, which gives more specific data.

As we know, ahrefs is a top recommended saas based platform that helps you introduce lots of SEO related factors, within one click.

This is the paid web application that starts from $99 per user. Most of the time, online marketers avoid buying because of the low budget.

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Ahrefs has one of the biggest databases and crawler after Google, click this link to get an idea, why this application is growing.

There are so many platforms. I mean to say ahrefs alternatives available in the market at different prices.

Right now, ahrefs on my priority to scan competitor’s websites like backlinks, domain score, keyword ranking, and value.

Do you wanted to get the data of the websites, without paying them, then you need to install ahrefs SEO toolbar to the firefox or chrome.

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Ahrefs toolbar is the way to fetch real-time dashboard data, with a simple chrome extension.

If you don’t have a budget for ahrefs, then I will suggest going for the list of ahrefs alternatives, which is mention below.

Pro Tip: I wish you could use once in life ahrefs tool for self, bcoz data they provide is unique, and none of the ahrefs alternatives could able to do, as per my knowledge.


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Top 5 Ahrefs Alternatives:


SEMRush is right the trending tool to analyze or explores more about your competitor’s websites. If you are cost-sensitive, then I will suggest you to go with semrush, it’s one of the recommended ahrefs alternatives as well.

We can explore more about our domain like organic search, backlinks, advertising position, traffic analytics, and more.

If you are not sure about your website why its position fluctuates, then you check out the semrush sensor to get an idea if its google algorithm changes or any other reason.

The significant difference I see is the pricing between the ahrefs and semrush. In contrast, ahrefs tool gives you complete access of dashboard per user only at $99, in other ends, semrush gives limited access at $99 as per plan.


Majestic is the best link investigation tool in the market, if you’re not satisfied the link data provided by ahrefs, then gives a try to these websites, this platform is known as best ahrefs alternatives for backlink exploration.

You can inspect the major website component like fresh backlink index with historical data, and how much trust flow you received from backlinks as well.

This application entirely focused on how you can elaborate your backlink via different perspectives via, text link, image link, frame links, etc.

Wish to use majestic for self, but before, make sure to check how many features did they allow you as per your plan, currently majestic offers the basic plan starting from $49.


Ubersuggest tool is a kind of freemium tool to analyze backlinks and SEO audits for the website. This platform introduced by one of the well know, SEO guy Neil Patel, the mentoring guru for all SEO beginners.

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We can get a lot of information with this tool, as we know this is not an old platform, but still has a much demand and competitive in the market, you can count ubersuggest as ahrefs alternatives.

Currently, this tool offers keyword related suggestion like search volume, its SEO difficulty, CPC values, traffic analyzer, and website audit toolset.

You can check the pricing section, which very low, almost $12 per month. This price almost fits in your budget as compared to other giant tools.

Moz Pro:

Moz is one of the oldest platform in this field, almost 20+ year old, still having a vast database with accurate mapping, you can give a try to Moz pro and also known for the best ahrefs alternatives in the market.

We can obtain some of the primary data regarding keyword research, posting tracking, crawler, on-page score, and optimization opportunity, link research, etc.

Moz chrome extension is also a quick way to analyze how Moz sees your or competitor’s domain and its opportunity.

When it comes plans, Moz offers standard features and allows access of tools only at $99 per month, and ahrefs only allows one user to access data at the same price, so it’s now clear, take your decision wisely.


Spyfu tool, as the name suggests, ultimately gives a focus on how you can measure the competitor’s progress, whether from organic or paid activity.

This tool is not as popular as other ahrefs alternatives, as I have mentioned above.

We have used it before this tool to monitor self as well as competitor’s growth.

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We can get lots of information like keywords, their competition, even organic bidding at the moment, organic growth, and many more.

We can count spyfu as one of the affordable tool in the market. Its basic plan starts from $39 monthly, as compared to others, it’s still a useful tool to use.

Conclusion: This are the top 5 ahrefs alternatives right now in the market. I suggest you go with an affordable one, if you have a decent budget, then go with the top one.

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