Top 5 Tumblr Alternatives To Share Your Creative Content

Seeking for Tumblr alternatives to share all of your work? Today I m going to gives you similar websites like Tumblr.

If you are a new user and haven’t visited Tumblr before, then try Tumblr.

Tumblr is a kind of website app, which gives you access to share all of your work, including text, images, quotes, links, chat features, favorite songs, and video collections.

This website ranks in 87th position worldwide according to Alexa metric system.

You will never get any better source than Tumblr to share and gain traffic to your websites.

You can allow creating a hosted blog, which ends by

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Can Tumblr Helps You Earn?

Tumblr is the only website, which allows you to earn from third party networks.

Surprising. Right.

First of all, you need to build your large audience base on Tumblr.

Your post must be good enough and has a high rank.

From earning criteria, you need to have an ad network, like Google Adsense.

First of all, this process is straightforward, do not take any stress.

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Visit your Tumblr profile and navigate to the top of the page. You ‘ll see three options, dashboard, setting, and appearance.

Click on appearance, and then it will open like WordPress dashboard. You will get many customization options to restructure your Tumblr page.

Navigate to the top option named as Tumblr official and then edit Html, ta-da.

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Place your code and save it. That’s it.

Top Tumblr Alternatives:


Mastodon is similar to Tumblr, from look wise and background.
That’s why I have placed this website to be in the first place.

You will get similar features like your profile customization, setting, post sharing activity, and like feature.


Soup is also known as a personal publishing blog. It would be best if you already have your profile.

You will get a post sharing option in the form of a plus sign at the bottom. Just click on it and add the link, whichever you like.

Pillowfort.Social is a newly create a website, and they called themselves a hybrid of Tumblr. This website gives you a similar feature like inbox, mail feed, likes, etc.

You can have more control over your feed like you can block NSFW posts or images.


Newsground is us based entertainment and online social media website. It also has a similar feature to accept user-generated content, including posts, links, images, etc.

This website designed elegantly with animation. Look like Newgrounds are more with flash work on the site, that’s why it looks so entertaining.


Why have I placed Reddit here in the last position? Reddit does not allow us to upload images.

Reddit works as a problem-solving community. You can not upload graphics, because the particular community will only allow us to share the link.

Conclusion: I hope you like my top 5 Tumblr alternatives. Let us know your view on this information. Keep reading and sharing.

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