Top 5 Similar Sites Like Quora – The Best Alternative

This blog will give you top similar sites like Quora if you want to explore, visit below mentions sites.

In 2020, we have so many options to get traffic from different sources, like blogging community, content-sharing sites, image sites, social bookmarking, etc.

But now we can’t avoid quora, because it is one oldest and high authority site, quora almost reached to 500M traffic per month, as per claim by similar web statistics.

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What is Quora?

Quora is an open-source question and answer community websites, and you can create a free account and answer any question.

Even you can add your question or dought to quora and select top expert authors to answer or resolve your query.

Quora can provide you inside the dashboard feature, where you get all of the details like views, clicks for answers, .etc.

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But keep in mind whatever you paste or answered on quora, will not be accepted, if your answer is irrelevant or fake, then automatically removed your answer by the quora moderation team, within 36hrs.

For backlink purposes, it is great you can create multiple backlinks; whenever you paste answer, try to include the link of websites.

You can promote yourself as a freelancer too, and the single honest answer can give you business without spending any bucks.

If you have not created your account yet, create it now, using link Quora.

Quora is the very influencing website and has daily millions of loyal readers, so if you need to follow quora to boost your traffic in 2020.

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We can get many premium features with a free account of quora, which includes top answers, dashboard, about section, spaces, your account stats, and more.

Top 5 Websites Like Quora

Yahoo Answers

Yahoo answer is another q&a community site and best known for sites like quora, and also one of the most significant search engines after Google and bing. You can ask questions, and the authors, users will reply promptly.

Yahoo, the giant web hub brought to you by the yahoo search engine. And has millions of readers deeply attached to the platform. The company keeps updating the dashboard’s existing features like leader boards, Points, International reports, and many more.

Blurt it

Blurt it still a new website for me also, never used before, but looks good; it found in 2013 and still growing.

The social QandA community Blurt it has cools features, and it works similar sites like to the quora. Nothing fancy but pure and straightforward information you will find in this platform and is great to follow in 2020.


Answer is simple and has a natural interface for the website. This is the oldest website, like Quora, founded in 1996. Visit and drop your honest answer.

Answers as the name suggest its pure knowledge base platform where you answer readers question, and if you have any doubt, you can paste your problem and leave it for the community. You will definitely get your answer.

Answer Bag

Answerbag is also great websites, but not having that much of high traffic, the login process is simple, but does not provide you option for goggle login.

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Answerbag is another trending QandA community where you can get the answer to all your question. You can see the top leaders and weekly reports of who has given an honest opinion to the questions. You can work on this website to improve your website traffic.

Ask Fm is looks stunning and has a similar appearance like quora. Ask.Fm has a huge fan base like quora, its 2nd best websites after quora. Ask your question today. 

Askfm is great qanda website to follow in 2020, as like another website which mentions above, you will not able to see the insight of these platforms, you need to login first. If you wish to improve your website SEO, then you need to follow these websites. It will definitely work.


Conclusion: I hope you like my recommended sites like quora. Let me know which one you seem okay. Share with your friends if you like the post.

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