Best 5 Genuine Gardening Affiliate Programs to Consider

Do you run a gardening and house improvement blog? Then here is your chance to maximize your earning with the gardening affiliate programs.

Some say gardening is a bit difficult for affiliates, but that’s not true; with the below-mentioned affiliate program, you can earn a maximum 25% commission per sale.

Honestly, I am not from the gardening blog niche, but I found this topic fascinating and helpful for most bloggers who truly love to work in this category.

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I know gardening blogs mostly perform great with the seasonal changes, but you can expand your Niche to indoor gardening ideas, and this is a very trending topic in most countries.

Without wasting time, let explore the top 5 gardening affiliate programs which you can consider today.

Top 5 Gardening Affiliate Programs:

Affiliate sale is always dominant when it compares to the impression-based ads. Here is your chance to convert your hobby into a profitable business.

Succulentsbox is a friendly and flawlessly designed website that offers various plants and gardening kits and provides corporate gifts in the form of plants.

If you want to invest in the Succulentsbox Affiliate program, then you can earn a maximum of 10% sales per product.

The one bad news is the affiliate program has set 30-day cookies for the affiliate links, which means once you have a generated affiliate link for the particular product. The product must sell within 30 days, and if the product is not sold within a period, then there is no profit for you.

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Like Amazon, you will get exclusive deals And coupon codes every month to attract your user to purchase via the link. The one great news is, you will receive your payment at the end of every month via PayPal.

Still have more question in mind, You can contact them at

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Seedsnow, a great affiliate platform for those bloggers who loves promoting farming and producing ideas of organic items.

The platform offers seeds of any plant, which is pure, non-hybrid, and 100% natural, so here is your chance to promote various gardening seeds.

With these affiliate programs, you will find referral commissions for sale, which means you will get unique URLs for products that you can promote/share with our friends and family.

The great news is you will receive a 25% commission per item purchase via a link, and that offer is the same for everyone, which means no extra deals and coupon code.

Once you generate affiliate links for products, you will have 90 days of the cookie (time to sell a product within 90 days), and once the product sold, you will receive your commission, which reflects in your account. Your payment will be released weekly via PayPal, so no need to wait for a month.

Eartheasy, A family-based business that provides sustainable organic products and living information, and they are into the business for more than 40 years.

You will find various items to promote on your blog, including Planter box, garden bed, Seeds, Kits and Accessories, etc.

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Eartheasy does not have any dashboard where you will see your activity, and you will get a product link that you can share on your blog or with the social media audience.

For the EarthEasy affiliate program, first, your application must be approved by AvantLink Affiliate Network. Here is the only way you can get all of the affiliate dashboards stats.

If we talk about the earning opportunity, you will find the criteria to earn. For the content-based website, you will likely earn anywhere between 5 to 10 % Commission.

To earn a maximum affiliate commission with Eartheasy the order must be in bulk for the particular brand, including Scrubba, EcoZoom, BarCountry, etc.

The minimum criteria to earn an affiliate commission, your order cost must be $200 or more, and you will have 90 days of cookie period. 

Gardentowerproject, yet another beautiful and unique concept company, offers and supports growing your plant and farm.

Here you will find all gardening related items to promote like plant seeds, Eco-friendly seed kits, light kits, books, and many others.

The chances to earn with the gardentowerproject’s affiliate program is more, But they are not offered anything via the website; you will have to promote their products via the ShareASale network.

For the affiliate commission, we need to create our application to the ShareASale. If you are familiar with the affiliate network, you will know there are various sections to earn with the ShareASale system.

Acehardware, it’s a complete hardware solution for all of your home and garden improvement needs; generally, this is not a pure gardening website, but you will find a lot of useful home farm and gardening accessories.

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The lawn and garden section offers useful items like a lawnmower, lawn care products, outdoor equipment, gardening soil and tools, farm and ranch, planters, and the list goes on.

The company offers a great affiliate program, and anyone can join. It’s completely free, but first, your website must be approved by the staff.

Affiliate commission varies with the product, so there is no fixed % price. You will find the complete affiliate agreement with the super long detailed information so make sure you read first before apply.

And for the transparency and complete report, you will find the dashboard of “impact” It’s a digital reporting solution where you can track every link and sale. 

Bottom Line:

Make more earnings with the affiliate is a dream of every online entrepreneur, and even there are many out there who are earning more than ads income. The gardening and farming niche are super profitable. If you are already into this category, then gardening, as mentioned earlier, affiliate programs are suitable for you. Let me know what you think if you enjoy reading then kindly share this post with your friend and family.

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