Top 5 Freshdesk Alternatives – Manage Customer Relation with Ease

Looking for Freshdesk alternatives on the internet? Kindly read our post, and we have elaborated below which platform works similarly to Freshdesk.

Freshdesk is a cloud-based AI-driven software that was made to delivers and maintain a customer base.

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The software allows companies to manage theirs inside as well as outside of help services.

We can integrate all traditional channels to Freshdesk, including phone, chats, emails, etc.

Customers can file complaints through the platform, and organizations can easily track that complaint queries, issue until it resolved like a ticket system.

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As we all know, most emails and chat services do not bridge b2c connection as customers want.

User and customer life will be more accessible if they connect through the ticket system like Freshdesk.

They are extended product features like reporting, measurement, track performance, and many more.

There are so many Freshdesk alternatives available in the market. Let’s find out.

Top Freshdesk Alternatives:


My first recommendation goes to Zoho. Kindly visit Zoho if you have not visited. Zoho is an AI-driven, cloud-based software that works precisely like Freshdesk.

Zoho is a large platform where they can allow companies to manage multiple relations like processing, presentation, database, CRM, project management, invoicing, and many more.



Zendesk is a 2nd recommendation for Freshdesk alternative. This platform offers features related to only CRM (Customer relationship management), like help, sales, and ticket support, etc.

You will get lots of software products free to install once you become the partner of zendesk.

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Visit Zendesk


Helpscout, a global remote company, which primarily aim to built and maintain customer support,

You will get benefits like email-based customer support, knowledgebase tools, and search and help support widgets.

Check Helpscout


Salesforce is one of the oldest customer support system and one most recognized company.

They are known for their services, that’s why salesforce achieve most in innovative company award, world best place to work and 100 best companies and many more.

This platform aims to provide AI solutions to large organizations, including reporting, planning, and CRM tools.

Checkout: Salesforce


Jira is one of the affordable company, as far as I know, where they can offer ten users per month without any charges, means they allow to use to platforms free forever.

If you wish to manage your project lifecycle from beginning to end, like initiation, planning, execution, and closure, then this platform is ideal.

Here is the link: Jira.

Conclusion: I hope you like my top 5 Freshdesk alternatives, if you like, kindly comment and share !!

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