Top 5 Books Reviews Sites Best for Beginners

Have you written or share your personal or professional experience through books? Then you are at the right place; here, we give you top book review sites that help you gain a lot of audience exposure.

In this digital age, everybody loves to watch movies, online games, and much other stuff, but still lots of authors who tend to work whole life to publish their own experience through the book.

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As we move toward our future, many billionaires believe in acquiring as much knowledge they can.

Bill gates a successful businessman as all of us know he is very passionate about reading books and almost reads 50 books in a year. Mark Zuckerberg has aimed to read at least one book every two weeks.

Benefits of Reading Books

Reading books and novels makes you understand how great a person born and his life story. When you started reading the book, you will realize a different life perspective and how they survive from the terrible condition.

One of the most aspects of reading a book is you will get the whole life experience of the fantastic person who spends his life on his aim.

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If you have ever wanted to publish your book, then there are so many ways you can sell it to users without the need for the press industry.

We can create an affiliate based website that can help you to earn bucks from your work. Amazon is a genuine way to sell your products, list your book, whether its hard or soft copy.

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Earning bucks is not your primary purpose, or if you need to have the user’s attention, then you need book review sites.

Here Are The Top Book Reviews Sites:

Good reads is one of the largest websites for readers and book recommendation in the industry as far I know, this website currently has 90 million active members and stored until now 2.6 billion books.

Literary Hub is a nonprofit’s website, claims to organize daily sources of news content and books that keep users engaging more.

This website is a kind of hub and has a list of biggest publication partners.

Library thing is huge websites that allow you to store and access your favorite music, movies, and books.

For book lovers, LibraryThing is a good website for you, which allows the reader to read up to 200 books in a free account.

If you wish to submit your book to the library, then you must follow the author’s rules first.

American book reviews one of the oldest sites which purely non-profits based and primarily aimed to stored cultural, comic, fictions many more original contents, which neglected for publications.

Barnes & Noble is a kind of ecommerce platform for the user to allows them to download their lovable books, ebooks, magazines, DVDs, and Blu-rays documentary.

Conclusion: I hope these top 5 book review sites will give you the attention that your book deserves.

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