Top 5 Apps to Analyzed Who Is On My WiFi

Did you set up a wireless network for home? Is your wireless network working as same? That means someone is on your system, so you need to check who is on my WiFi right now.

As we all know, we have received lots of tricks and tips from tech blog regarding how to steal someone’s WiFi password.

You need to monitor your downloading speed and uploading speed through an internet speed test. And this is Google services to check data speed.

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If you see your internet speed has fluctuated, you can observe by playing YouTube videos, Netflix series, etc. That means someone is stealing your data and need to identify who is using my wifi.

Sharing WiFi with others is associated with many risks, like stealing your files, access your password, may you can face financial losses too.

If you are from a security or networking background profile, then it’s easy for you to analyze who is on my WiFi now.

Most of the time, we take a significant step to block this unwanted user from your internet. And this blocking process can easily take place via the official router’s dashboard. We can easily block those unwanted IPs from accessing your internet through third party software too.

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I will make a detailed blog post on this topic, how to check who is on my WiFi, and the necessary step to prevent them.

We can sure if accessing the internet is my neighborhood person like a friend or unknown enemy via the WiFi analyzer app through your android device.

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Five Best WiFi Analyzer Apps:

Who Use My WiFi? Network Tool:

Who Use My WiFi? Network Tool is one of the lightweight apps that help you efficiently to inspect who is on my WiFi.
This application is available in multiple languages, that’s why it has a million downloads. This application has a user-friendly interface, and we ll get lots of other devices related information.

Who is on my WiFi – Network Scanner & WiFi Scanner

Who is on my WiFi – Network Scanner & WiFi Scanner this app provides flexible options like network scanner, IP scanner, WiFi scanner, so you can easily detect who is on my network.

We get to see top devices connected to my router, and with one tap option, you can easily block those IPs from accessing your WiFi.

Who’s On My WiFi – Network Scanner:

Who’s On My WiFi – Network Scanner is one of the best apps to scan who is on my wireless network, with lots of customization features including dark mode, light mode.
We can routinely set the timer to scan the WiFi system, and this is the best feature that alerts you on time if you forget to scan.

Who Uses My WiFi – Network Scanner:

Who Uses My WiFi – Network Scanner is an excellent app to gives accurate data uses through the graph, including an upward and downward chart.
With multi-language support, this app worked as a ping tool, so you can ping to make sure if your internet line is working or down.

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Fing – Network Tools:

Fing – Network Tools is a reliable app to scan who is on my WiFi through android free. This app supports advanced device analysis like Netbios, UPnP, SNMP, etc.

This app has unique features like parental control, so you know at what time you need to pause the internet and also schedule screen time.

Conclusion: I hope you can now enjoy your WiFi speed as it was before, if you like the tips on how to check who is my WiFi, then share this post, to help others.

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