Top 4 Alternatives to Zbigz with Extraordinary Features

Looking for a way to download error-free media files, then zbigz is an ideal solution for you; there are many more alternatives to zbigz. Let’s look at them.

If you landed on the post, that means you are aware of the zbigz platform, but still, you are new to this topic so let’s explore more about Zbigz first.

Zbigz Is an extensive and private network where you will find many media files, including videos, audios, movies, and anything you want.

The platform works like the catching cloud, where the system automatically fetches media files from various channels and stores it on the cloud.

The primary reason to use zbigz is to experience an error-free downloading experience with controlling privacy, which means it’s an entirely private network.

Zbigz is like a torrent engine but offers a more complex feature than the torrent, beginning from a direct downloading feature, No downtime, complete privacy, etc.

I have encountered this topic while looking for some secure downloading sources, so I decided to write a blog topic on this.

I am having difficulty while handling the zbigz platform, so I decided to include the below questions.

How to download a torrent file using IDM without torrent and zbigz?

Ans: If you are facing any difficulty while downloading a torrent file and along with you don’t like to add your file to the Internet download manager (IDM), then I suggest you try the below alternatives to zbigz, which is a freemium kind of platform.

How to use zbigz?

Ans: Zbigz is an easy-to-use with a friendly interface platform; first of all, create your account with zbigz, then you will have a dialogue box on the top where you can select your file and proceed to upload; once your file uploaded, it remains available for you at any time. That’s it.

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If you are bored with zbigz or facing any difficulty while handling the platform, dont worry. I have addressed the top 4 alternatives to zbigz.

Best 4 Alternatives to Zbigz 


Seedr, another beautiful platform that offers free and premium functionality for the users, you can consider it as one of the best alternatives to Zbigz.

Once you attach with Seedr, you don’t need to download any third-party app or software to your computer, Just download the chrome extension, and you are ready to go.

It’s easy to use and safe to download; add your recommended media via the link and rest left to the platform; below are the features you will have with the premium version.

  • Your privacy is always maintained with the seedr; the ones you engage with the platform you are online privacy wholly shielded.
  • You are free to watch, listen, and stream your media, even with chrome extension as well, but you need first have your account; that’s it.
  • No matter if you are accessing the platform with the desktop and wish to access it with the smartphone, it’s utterly flexible on multiple devices.

File Stream:

One of the oldest, File Stream, is a secure cloud downloading platform to enjoy an error-free downloading and streaming best media experience. If you are looking for an alternative to zbigz, then File Stream Is the ideal one and recommended by most of the community.

Make your downloading invisible from the rest of the world; download the Android version platform and play smartly from a smartphone without knowing anyone.

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Have you ever imagined? You can make money while securing your online media, file stream has an easy referral system, and per successful signup, you can receive 30% up to commission as your friend makes.

Below are the File Stream exceptional features:

  • You can freely download any media from anywhere on the Internet without any limitation.
  • No limitation on converting a file; once you upload a file to the cloud, you can effortlessly transcode.
  • Stream and download any file within a minute.
  • You can earn along with the referral system as well, up to 10% commission.

Bitport, the complete cloud package for all of your media, easily store and retrieve from any device.

The platform is a premium version where you have a free version with up to 1 GB of storage space and the remaining three packages with premium.

Love to use a bitport cloud storage, then why not try their API program, integrate with any of your applications, and enjoy the blazing fast cloud storage.

Below are the exceptional features:

  • For the premium experience, you can have a free plan to use up to 1GB.
  • Bitport offers API configuration where you can easily integrate with any third-party software.
  • Spending as comfortable as earning, try the referral program with the complete monitoring and alert notification inside the dashboard.

Bytebx is a top-rated online cloud storage platform on the Internet, and you can consider it one of the best alternatives to the zbigz.

With the complete responsive dashboard, you can store all of your media and downloaded files as a backup from FTP and HTTP, which is super easy.

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Check out the price of premium packages, and if you are unable to pay a one-time payment, then you can enroll for the subscription-based model, which you have to pay at a certain period.

Below are the exceptional features:

  • Bytebx is a highly developed platform that supports all of the modern technologies for storing data.
  • Just create your account, and you are ready to use the free plan with up to 2.5 GB of storage.
  • Don’t you want to pay the full amount initially, then you can try subscription-based packages divided from the month-wise?

Bottom Line:

Data and information is a necessity in the growing modern technology, and the need for storage is continuously rising, so better to upload your all of the storage to the third-party private network without knowing anyone. In the post, I have listed out the top four alternatives to zbigz, which are easy to use, and some offer a free plan. Let me know which storage network you consider to backup all of your media files. Share the blog post with your friends and colleagues if you found some helpful information here.

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