Top 10

Today there are lot more online chat messenger are available in market, so confusing which one is best to use, so I gather this list. Here is the top 10 list of popular and free mobile chat application for android.

Top Mobile Chat Messenger


Whatsapp-Best Chat App

Whatsapp allows you an easily send free sms to the anywhere in the world without cost. Whatsapp gives you all tool free for use without a single promotional activity or interest based advertisement. It can easily integrate into any android OS (Operating System) like contact memory card etc. you can easily share your picture document voice clip video clips without any cost. That’s why one of the best chat applications is whatsapp.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger

Facebook messenger is free chat supported by Facebook Corporation without any cost to send messages over internet. Facebook messenger is globally accessed. Great thing about facebook messenger is everyone having its own profile to facebook, will have access to this messenger. This provides a live support to build relationship across the country right away. One disadvantage is if you are not in facebook that means you cannot use this application.


Skype - Mobile Chat App

Skype is instant messaging application specially designed to build your friend circle. Mainly most of people use Skype messenger as business tools to reach client in real time without going anywhere. If you are going to use Skype as business application then it will really helpful to reducing company expenditure like international call sending document etc.


Viber - Online Mobile Chat

Viber is recently launch application specifically used by android or ios base smartphone.

Viber allows send free messages as well as you can make call to any other viber contact and sound quality much higher than regular call. Viber messaging application has tight integration with phone it can shows all call logs as well as messaging history.


Line - Online Mobile Chat App

Line Messenger use internet for accessing data.

You can create a group on line messenger with maximum limit 100

Line Messenger provides cool animated sticker and emotions with desi styles and interpretation.

You can earn free recharge up to 50 rupees per person who join line by referring.


Telegram - Chat Messenger

Telegram is also one of kind instant messaging services application as well as real time support is available for users, so that is any difficulty raise you can inform Telegram support team simultaneously. Ask question also free to user to ask any question about the app. Even Telegram has great sync capability that means if you’re typing something and by login into another device at same time you get same typing screen with words as well.

We Chat

Wechat - Android Chat App

Wechat is one of the popular application, because it can provides a user free call and video call as well on any network 3g or Wi-Fi. Group feature adds you to around 40 people. WeChat has great capability to switch from typing mode voice mode, by pressing Hold to talk option. Shaking is another great feature adds by WeChat to discover new connection around you who is shaking phone at the same time.

Google Talk

Gtalk - Android Chat

Google talk is nice app developed by Google developer can evaluate its integration to connect Gmail account. If person not having cell phone in hand and someone needs a right now attention, then you can message him to directly appear in Gmail inbox.

Google Talk has its widget to directly connect it to Gmail account, that allow you to send mail on Gmail, simultaneously send message to the person via Gtalk


Hike - Payment & Mobile Chat

Hike Messenger is smart-phone based cross-platform application for that users who has internet as their primary communication resources. Hike Messenger allows you very attractive graphical stickers, emotions, images, voice messages, audio files, location and contacts. Hike messenger has a daily sms packages to user without internet, and its graphical explanatory sticker will feels you like live in native styles

Google Allo

Google Allo - Android Chat App

Google Allo is next generation of machine learning or it’s like Artificial Intelligence, which gives an automatic reply on behalf of the user. Google Allo users increase in recent days because of its self-learning machine intelligence that will attract anyone. For ex. if users sends you a messages “How are you?” the app will automatically respond to messages “Good, how about you”. Google Allo also gives you a wide array of sticker-collection and you can sketch you own along with this sticker.