Bulk SMS Marketing – Promoting Your Brand Easily!

Bulk SMS Marketing – Promoting Your Brand Easily!

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This is my first blog and in this blog I m going to show you some quick and multi-feature text message marketing tools, in today’s digitized market everyone knows many online marketing tips and search engine optimization techniques to market their business, but not every time this works, i will show you how!!

Bulk Sms marketing services definitely cost less to you than any other online marketing tricks, online marketing takes too much time to show their effects or to reach their potential customer, but in sms point of view it takes only 7 to 10 seconds to reach targeted customer and another important things is even if you don’t have cellular data or internet access it doesn’t mine, it’s a type of offline marketing.

So let start with Top 3 Bulk Sms Service Provider and Benefits:

1) EZ Texting

Ez Texting is a seemingly website based text messaging tool.

This tool has an ability to sync all of your contact immediately and with a single click, you can send Bulk SMS to every one of them instantly.

Either way you can use keywords to promote your business and then track your audience in analytics.

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This tool provides a reliable API, which is easily integrated in to your software or application for bulk text messaging.

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2) Slick Text

Slicker text one of the best Bulk SMS Marketing platform and is use most for its well know feature group tracking, this feature allows you to segment you contact so you can select specific audience.

Its easy user-friendly interface helps to manage your mobile sms campaign and smoothly maintain two-way communication with your contacts.

Well that’s not enough it has also extra features including multimedia messaging, polling, voting and auto-reply.

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3) Trumpia

Trumpia is automation software offers all from text messaging to automation and include custom APIs, and enterprise level accounts for larger companies.

This online sms service is a great option for industries that have a huge amount of subscribers and need to send text sms quickly.

Also this tool provides bulk sms or one to one engagement with specific targeted audience.

Conclusion: Above mentioned online marketing services fulfill your need definitely, but it’s upon you which one service you choose to use for need. I hope you like the Bulk SMS Marketing list and tips.


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