Sites like Agoda for the Best Hotel Deals

Booking online a hotel while travelling in any other places, especially out of the country, can save you the valuable time you might want to spend with your family or work. 

There are many sites available there which makes it easy for you. One of the most popular among them is Agoda. But also there are some issues with it one of them is with its price system. 

So, if you are trying to find sites like Agoda for the best hotel deals, then here are some alternatives to Agoda. 

These all sites are crowd favourites, and some of them are even new. Booking for the exact date or another date is available in all areas.

However, it will be dependent on your places where you are travelling, for example, booking a hotel on a famous home for holidays might not be a good idea. 

Sites Like Agoda

Coming at number one, we have It has one of the most diverse ranges of hotels, hostels and apartments. 

However, this feature also causes trouble for you since you have to filter out hostels and apartments if you search for a hotel. But it also means that has something for everyone. 

Its user-friendly search displays the total cost of hotels (except taxes) at one place, which makes it easy for you to compare prices and choose the best one for you according to your budget. is an excellent alternative to Agoda, having a wide range of options. 

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Kayak is very popular for its flight booking. If you are travelling somewhere, you can easily book your plane ticket from it. It will also then show you all the available hotels where you are travelling. 

The best thing about it is having so many features like booking flights, hotels and even taking cars for rent. The user interference is very neat and clean, having many filters available. 

It also shows you the other hotel booking sites so you can easily compare among those. 

However, among all the search results, those hotels that come in the top are always expensive, sometimes too costly to afford for a normal man. 

If you keep scrolling to the bottom of the result, you will start finding lower prices hotel deals.

Kayak is yet another good alternative for Agoda for its clean UI and many plus options. is one of the best sites for booking hotel rooms. It has listed more than 325000 hotels in more than 19000 locations across the globe. 

Having so many hotels at so many places, so its search engine has tons of filters that allow you to find what is best for you. Its searches are balanced in lower-end and upper-end hotels. 

But it also contains many hotels which are booked. also allows booking for hostels and guest houses. offers a great search result having more options to choose from.


Bookingbuddy is a great site to find the cheapest hotel at one click. It also allows you to compare prices with different booking sites. 

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Just select your location and the area you want to reach, and it will open a new tab showing all the available data. 

Bookingbuddy is best in comparison to other sites. Also, it is very budget-friendly. 


HotelsCombined has more than 2 million hotels and properties collection across 220 countries all over the world. One of the best features is its metasearch tool. 

This tool searches a wide range of hotels, including their list and other hotels official websites. The search result includes many options and sub-options, for example, bed size vs room chosen at checking. 

you can also check prices with the taxes or without the tariffs. 

It defaults includes airport hotels and combines the prices to the entire cost of the trip. One of the major problems is that its search result mostly shows the night rates only compared to other hotels. 

HotelsCombined is a great option because it provides a wide range of various options and sub-options. 


Like HotelsCombined, TripAdvisor also offers a metasearch tool. Metasearch tools show a wide variety of hotels at different price ranges. 

The device also allows you to see other people’s reviews about a particular hotel, making your work easy for choosing hotels. 

It tool search from top to bottom from some of the biggest hotel booking sites to the lower ones. 

TripAdvisor is an excellent alternative for Agoda since it shows a variety of hotels with updating reviews about them. 


Last but not least, we have MakeMyTrip. MakeMyTrip is currently the leading brand in this market, and why not since it provides many features to its customers. 

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From booking flight tickets to two international holidays, bus, trains and of course hotels. It currently has more than 10 million users around the world. 

One of the best features about MakeMyTrip is that it continuously offers a discount to its customers. 

It offers about a 45% discount on each online booking; however, you will not get a deal every time, but you will get a discount in most cases. 

It has excellent interference for managing search options. You can easily filter what you are looking for. 


The only reason to recommend it is that once upon a time in India, a legend used to say hotel Trivago. 


You are booking hotels while travelling must be one of your main priorities. All the sites mentioned above will help you with that. 

Many of these available sites also have mobile applications available for both Android and IOS. 

You can use the application to make your work easy and also to get lots of discounts. You can choose whatever size you want according to your needs. 

I have tried to cover every aspect related to those sites. Their pros there cons everything. So I hope now you might not have a problem finding an alternative to Agoda. 

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