Top 5 Funny Meme Sites Like 9GAG

Hello, good morning, so let’s start on today’s new topic. Have you visited the 9GAG site? What was your reaction on the 9gag site, as if you know that the 9gag site is a funny site on which we can spend our whole day, so if you are bored of not seeing any excitement, then we are looking for an alternative or more similar sites like 9gag.

First of all, the 9gag site is a funny and meme sharing site where we can find all kinds of things like including funny animals reaction, sarcastic human faces, etc.

9gag is the second number site of site worlds on which we spend our most time after social media like Facebook and Twitter.

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On the 9gag site, we can make our account easy, here we also get a lot of followers, and this is a broad platform that we can also promote our content or product.

The biggest thing is that 9gag allows us to earn money. Like, youtube.

To earn money, we have to share all the funny memes and pics on the 9gag platform daily.

When you acquire millions of followers on a 9gag account, then you too can get a chance to earn money, and we know advertising is the only universal way helps to make money.

If you want to earn money from the 9Gag, then you have to put all of the exciting content that increases engagement so that you get upvotes and more shares.

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Here, we get money only on the pageviews of advertising. So right now, if you want to move away from 9gag and explore some sites like 9gag, then read the below list.

Similar Sites like 9GAG


Imgur are on the first list of similar sites like 9gag. If you have not visited the Imgur yet, click here. Imgur are a site where we get a lot of fun content such as GIF images and short videos etc.

The unique thing about Imgur is that you can share GIF and image files, even without logging in. We also get community groups in Imgur, where we can share and make our post viral.


In quickmeme, is the second in our list of sites like 9gag. Well, quickmeme looks simple by the web designs.

Quickmeme does not seem to be very engaging because only the shares are visible in it and the right side we have two symbols next to the post on which it denotes button as like and meh.

If you have not visited quickmeme, then click here.


Memecenter is third on our sites Like the 9gag list. The website design of the memecenter is similar to the 9gag.

Here we can share our best content quickly. The best part is that in the right side of the post, we get Like Comment Share and Tweet buttons, all these options are available, so if you have not visited this site yet, click here.

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Ifunny Platform is at number 4th in our sites Like 9gag list. This is also a kind of funny meme sharing site where we can create our account easily.

These platform also provide us the option of weekly updates, top featured posts and community trending posts, etc.

And the best part is that there is an option to share the post on social platforms and which I noticed an excellent option is Pinterest. Till now you have not visited ifunny, click here.


We have placed the Funny and Die website at the bottom of the list of sites like 9gag because it looks like a magazine and news sharing website.

Here we are getting a funny text with content only. If you are interested in reading funny content, then visit this site definitively. Click here.


I think whatever alternatives I have written in this post, you will love it.
It was the top 5 sites like the 9gag so far. If you try different websites, then tell us in the comment.

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