6 Steps Helps You Write SEO Optimized Content For Blog Posts

Create a blog is easy things, but achieving rank for the post is a little bit difficult and tricky. Here we mention six tactics to write SEO optimized content for your posts and rank it on google.

We read a lot about Google updates, algorithm changes, etc., these kinds of changes make us challenging to rank our post on specific keywords, but there is hope, don’t worry. After a lot of updates and changes, something might be familiar; that’s sure we need to identify and implement it on our writing skill and rest things will automatically be done by google.

Rank your SEO optimized content on google SERP is not straightforward in 2019; top tech giants were trying their best to bring up their post position on at least the first page. Some of them use search paid campaigns, social media campaigns, but that’s the costliest way, and we usually don’t have that much of buck to spend every post to rank in google.

Here is we mention the necessary 6 steps helps you achieve SEO optimized content for the blog. Check below.

Create the SEO Optimized Content for Your Post:

The first step is to think about the topic, what topic do you want to write, try to recollect all the knowledge, all experiments regarding the subject. Then arrange it on paper, ascending mode wise.

The structure is a very precious thing if you want to explain something to the audience. I know that’s quite difficult. But you should try it.

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Content structuring essential thing we should follow, google bot also follows the same pattern.

seo optimized Content

Choose the Right Keywords:

Keywords play an essential role, while structuring SEO optimized content, all ranking game revolves around keywords. Top investor bids almost up to 100$ for a keyword to rank trough paid campaign.

You should try any of mention tool like ahref semrush, if you have budget then go with ahref tool, their dashboard gives an estimate data like, how much backlinks we need to rank for particular post, what is strength of keywords like hard or easy to rank and many other things like CPC, top 10 competitors for the specific keyword, etc.

Google keyword planner is suitable for beginners. The thing is the keyword planner only provides in between search volume data like 10 to 100.

Do not try to rank for an exact match, profitable keyword. A lot of competitors trying from the past few years to rank, but still, they barely manage to be on the first page, so be sure, your keyword must be long tail, or mixed phrases, so that will be helpful in the initial phase.

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Create Useful, Detailed Title and Content:

After gathering lots of useful keywords, then focus it on writing skills for the post. Post title must be deliver user expectation, that’s the crucial point to have SEO optimized content. You can not directly put the whole keyword as it is in the blog post. You should have to divide, as per matching phrase,

Because, google watching you, if you mixed up in the same line, or trying to spam keywords In the post, then literally nobody saves you from google penalty. Google observes you as a spammer; then, your post will outrank and goes down to at least out of 100 positions.

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Be sure; the keyword must match with your content; you need to keep the user happy from your information, if a user is not satisfied with your content, or writing style, then he will leave, and your bounce rate increases, that will result from losing your rank by position.

SEO Optimized and Friendly Content

Optimize Blog Post Images:

The most engaging part of a blog post is images; humans tend to read at least 6 to 7 lines, in some cases, and then just read the title of rest post, so be sure create your graphical image by self, or you can download royalty-free images from pixabay, pexels.

You can use all of the downloaded images from these sites, but my suggestion is to design or write some text information on it because customization is always better than plain mages.

If you are addicted to writing 1500 to 2000 word content, then at least more than three images is must in the post, because images beautifully bifurcate your content, and help your audience to understand paragraphs of your content.

Optimize the Meta-Title and Description:

This is far most well known practice recommended by expert and that’s give the sign to the user, that how well optimized content deliver through SEO. Optimize your meta title and description with keywords. Some of the non-techie get confused between title and meta title, the title is we consider a post title.

Some of the marketers think meta title and description is myth factor of ranking, not always content works, to rank. But content is one of the ranking factors out of 200 signals.

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So make sure, optimize your title with chosen keywords, as well as without disturbing the original meaning of blog post.

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Inbound and Outbound Link Strategy:

There are two types of link engaging strategy in a blog post; the first one is internal linking. That means you have to include your old post or relevant post link in the current article, in the form of anchor text. Anchor text for the internal post is a proven method, and most of the marketer accepted as it helps to improve user engagement and assist an increasing number of website session.

Outbound links are works the same as inbound links but in a different direction. If you are mentioning something exciting or a new item in your post, then you can add its external links in your post. When high authority links attached to your post, it can consider a referral relationship with the outer post, so google can easily crawl content understandable way and consider as a valuable piece of information.

You can check your current inbound and outbound links status in ahref or semrush, and you can check in google search console, too, by navigating through the links section.

Conclusion: I hope you like step that we mention here, and its definitely helps you create seo optimized content. and if you like the post kindly share with your friends.


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