Secure Your Online Business before it Destroyed by Intruders

Today, I m going to covered a new topic in my blog, as online marketer I always keen for new information. How you can secure you online business?

HTTPS (Secure Shell)

Secure + HyperText Transfer Protocol

In today’s fast-moving world, everyone wishes to secure online business protocols or systems. Yes, obviously that’s true. So, why we can’t protect our online business.

Yes, I will explain you how you can secure your online business.

secure online business

If you having your blog or website, then you should have to secure before intruder will catch you website.

First need of https was discover by {Netscape Communication}, an American company in the 1994(incidentally, that my birth year)

So what is https or secure http?

Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is secure version of HTTP; this protocol covers data between senders to receiver.  At end of ‘s’ means secure, that means end to end to security from source to destination, even if it is transaction or login credential.

Recently Google also gives a priority to secure website other than http domains.

Up to this everyone at least aware of https, but how its work, [Let’s move to Behind the Scene]

Basically internet or data transformation works through 7 layers, known as [OSI model]

Layer 1: Physical Layer (data transmission in bit formats)

Layer 2: Data Link Layer (a node point for physical layer)

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Layer 3: Network Layer (Control & identify routing, gateway, IP address)

Layer 4: Transport Layer (Responsibility of preparing data in segment to next layers)

Layer 5: Session Layer (Manages session, restoring data)

Layer 6: Presentation Layer (Character encoding, decoding UTF-7, Compression)

Layer 7: Application Layer (API, operating systems, data presented at readable mode)

Https usually appears in application layer to encrypt data. Originator https algorithm uses a public key encryption, packed with message and key for receiver to open at their side. When we sent data to internet our data is locked due to encryption and somehow intruder caught our data, they unable to open or crack, due to lock pass key, which was presented at destination location. Private Key or let’s say pass characters only available at receiver, so no one open this packet or message data.

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But is really worth of having https;


How would I know if website has been hacked, but before that I want to evaluate a “Hacked” term.

Hacked means:

Someone gaining access on your root folder directory and change you website infrastructure or FTP access to change website identity.

Sometime some malicious code put by hackers, which will be further use for phishing purpose or any other. This are the most obvious and well know techniques used by hacker, and now you understood, why this is very hectic when it comes to secure your online business.

How do I know if my site is hacked?

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Read below steps:

  • Google has gives you alert red indication with message “Your site has been hacked”
  • In search you will also see, “your site has been compromised” as message.
  • Not sure to visit website dialogue box create prevention for user‘s to enter the site.

If one of the above situation has occur with you website, then you must be sure to check website in security section of search console, gives you complete details.

Sometime, its invisible, for search console as well due to old traditional techniques called as “Cloacking”(preferably I would like to named as black hat seo technique). Actually this techniques use purposely to distract search bot from crawling and indexing current webpage.

Why HTTPS & Its Benefits

Without https intruder can easily break your communication between sender and receivers point. May be sometime, code injection is use by advertising companies to generate more revenue and simultaneously create distractive ads and that leads to negative impression for genuine user.

Https has its own privacy and condition from security perspective helps to away attackers for your website.

How do you Keep Your Business Secure Online?

Also considerable point is Google for SERP, gives a priority to secure version of website, it’s one of ranking signal according to Google.

Also top web browser like, opera, Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, safari etc. all of them showing red signal at top of the left corner at url bar, if you haven’t install https version of website. 90% of users consider red means danger signal or not appropriate for browsing. Will eventually increase bounce rate as well.

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Conclusion: https is important, if you really want to grow and secure your online business. Without https your online business can’t survive. Thanks!!

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