Quick Ways to Add Sticky Sidebar for WordPress – Complete Tutorial

Have ever noticed sticky elements on the WordPress that follow whenever you scroll up and down on the website.

That’s the magic of WordPress plugins, which continually wants your attention whenever you go on the website.

WordPress is a brilliant platform and offers an excellent opportunity for industry experts and bloggers to track and monitor every activity on the website.

The sticky element we observe on the sidebar of a WordPress that’s another proven marketing technique to generate leads.

Sticky sidebar WordPress has the great potential to hold the information and present it well in front of the visitor.

Sticky Sidebar in WordPress Does it Really Beneficial?

Many WordPress owners have decided to add a sticky sidebar on their website because it helps convert significant sales and get leads.

Sticky placement is like promoting your certain things to the user once they land on your page, and it will remain visible until the visitor leaves. 

Whenever you add something to the sticky widget, make sure to draft the item that beautifully draws the user’s attention. Many studies have suggested that the sticky sidebar can improve click-through rate and lead conversions.

What to include in the Sticky Sidebar of WordPress? 

Every website has its own agenda; some are author-focused, while others work on generating income. Right?

You can implement many ideas in your sticky sidebar widget like Promote evergreen content, Which might be your site’s quality content.

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If you think like a blogger then, I would like to suggest you add an advertisement code inside to improve ad engagement or add affiliate links to the widget, which helps you boost the revenue.

Suppose you do not have enough social media followers. In that case, you can try to add a social media widget as a sticky placement on a sidebar and then analyze if it’s really improving your stats and followers.

There are numerous ways you can improve your engagement with the help of a sticky sidebar, and for that, you only need a plugin that is readily available in a WordPress directory; no coding knowledge is necessary for the task.

Best Ways to Add Sticky Sidebar Widget to The WordPress: 

WP Sticky Sidebar:

The first plugin discovered in the WordPress directory is WP Sticky Sidebar, which is easy to implement and does not require hard work to activate.

Easy things never come for free, the plugin is completely paid, and the sticky feature is disabled in a free version, so there is no need to add, but if you have a budget, Then I suggest you consider this plugin.

The paid version gives you complete control of the widget. You can easily customize your header and a well ready responsive design that you can implement with quick modification.

Q2W3 Fixed Widget:

Q2W3 Fixed Widget is the best and most recommended sticky WordPress plugin, and it’s active on more than 100000+ WordPress websites.

Once you install, do not directly try yourself because this plugin has its extra integration setting with the default widgets, so make sure to check this first.

Let’s analyze whether the theme is compatible with the plugin integration because there are js code that must be present on your theme to completely activate the plugin. If you found any error with the plugin, then make sure to check the necessary JS requirements which they have mentioned here.

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Once You install Q2W3 Fixed Widget Plugin for WordPress, you will see some similar dashboard on your screen.

As the front page describes everything, make sure to change if the option is handy. Available options are for the newbie who does not have any knowledge regarding WordPress coding.

Once you set up the sticky sidebar top and bottom margin, the second step is to navigate the widget section.

This is mine sidebar; I know I have added a lot of elements to the sidebar :0

You can add or delete the element that might cover the whole sidebar. Too many features on the sidebar will cover your footer section whenever you scroll down, so ensure you analyze everything before you put it on live.

Once you decide the primary element to your sidebar, then click on the first element whichever you have, you will see an extra option labeled as “Fixed Widget” Just make sure to click on the choice before saving. That’s it. you made it without the help of developers 😀

Easy Sticky Sidebar (Floating Side Banner)

Easy Sticky Sidebar (Floating Side Banner) is a multi-purpose plugin that provides both sticky sidebar and floating side banner functionality.

The concept of the plugin is totally new. It does not affect existing widget settings but also helps you generate extra pop up to the sidebar, which collapses automatically whenever you refresh or visit a new page.

Currently, the plugin version is totally free for all, but developers are working to bring the new and updated paid version for more exciting features.

As you see the above screenshot, this is just an example for you to understand how it looks on the desktop, now you can decide whether you have to show it on a mobile screen or not.

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The plugin offers a lot of functionality to customize your side banner, including text, size of a popup, color, Links, etc.

  • You’ll have lots of benefits for your website to show so below mention elements.
  • You can promote existing/evergreen content.
  • Promote a newly published blog post
  • Promote upcoming updates.
  • Advertise a sale
  • Advertise a trending product for ecommerce.
  • Inform users about upcoming changes on any topic.
  • Lead Generation
  • Affiliates links to more sale
  • Promote your stuff.
  • Encourage users to follow social media.

Sticky sidebar without Plugin:

Looking for a sticky sidebar solution but with a more challenging way, then you can try this method.

I will not explain a CSS code here because the CSS structure varies with the WordPress theme, so make sure to follow the forum first and look for an expert who can execute the task for you.

Bottom Line:

Sticky sidebar for WordPress is a proven method to capture the attention of targeted audiences. That’s why people experience the most responses when they have a sticky sidebar on their WordPress website. Everything I have explained in the post, let me know your thoughts. If you found this post helpful, then kindly share it with your friends and family.

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