Proven Ways to Remove Date and Author from WordPress Posts

I have seen some sort of discussion on a Forum and other blogs, but not getting a satisfactory answer on why to remove date and author from a WordPress post.

Online marketers and SEO geeks suggest the audience to remove the publish date of a blog and the writer/author box from the WordPress post.

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The published date is the essential element for the blog section, and most Probably, it gives a signal to the google and user when this post was written.

Generally, the author box is a beautiful way to give credit to the content writer, who had excellently delivered the right solution at the right time.

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Frankly speaking, removing the date does not help your blog at any point to improve organic efforts but ultimately gives the old information to the user.

Having a published date on the blogs will inform the user about the information they are reading is correct and updated with today’s scenarios, so it is helpful for them and helps resolve their problem with your information.

If you are worried about Google, I know Google has updated its core search structure, and as per the statement, Google tries to show fresh and new content to the SERP.

Some people say publishing dates on the blog has helped Google identify the exact time, and until what time it should be considered fresh content? After some time, you will start losing your place on SERP. That’s the concern of most bloggers, and that’s why they decided to delete it. Right.

Google gets website on first position due to your marketing efforts, but your place on the top will affect if a user bounces back and does not wish to click on your website again; instead, the user shows interest to click the result below of your page. So, in that case, the publish date does not affect anywhere for your blog. Right.

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The author section is a great way to show your expertise in this field and create some authority in the user’s mind who will visit the website for the first time.

I have read somewhere on the internet that having an author section could affect the website’s page speed, might affect or not? But that may not true as much as you think.

As a blogger, you know credibility is the right way to appreciate the right person who has written excellent content.

Why are you at this point when you are about to hide yourself other from, in the first scenario, if there is more than one writer who is performing the same job, you need to hide yourself.

Some people do not want to reveal their identity to the online audience; that’s why they decide to hide their real bio.

So, let’s explore the possible ways we can remove date and author from WordPress posts without wasting time.

4 Practice to Remove Date and Author from WordPress Posts:

I have added every possible solution to the blogs, so if you are a non-coder, you can still hide the stuff you don’t like.

WP Meta and Date Remover:

The first method installs the plugin that is an automatic way to remove Date and Author from WordPress Posts.

WP Meta and Date Remover Is a free plugin And offers two ways to complete the task; the first one is the CSS method, and the second one is by editing directly in a PHP file.

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As apparent, the CSS method does not entirely remove the meta-data, it’s only hidden from humans, but it is still present in the back end.

The second method to edit PHP files is a foolproof and robust method, where the plugin automatically removes the code snippet, which is responsible for generating metadata. 

Hide/Remove Metadata:

The second plugin I found, “Hide/Remove Metadata” works exactly as the above plugin. You can try this plugin if you are not comfortable with the plugin mentioned above.

The plugin is very simple and straightforward; once you install, Navigate to the setting, and you will find only two options from the dropdown and select which one you like.

You will have the two options as mentioned above, CSS method and direct PHP method, To remove date and author from WordPress posts.

CSS Code Insertion Method to Remove Date and Author from WordPress Posts:

The above two methods are automatic and easy to click, with no extra coding and other setting required to complete the task.

If you really want to handle the back end of a theme, then here is your code; you can edit your child theme and put it into the CSS file.

Don’t confuse. It’s the CSS code that the plugin uses inside for the backend operation, and if you don’t want to add more plugin burden, you can try the code below. .posted-on, .post-author, .post-comments, .entry-taxonomy {

  display: none;


Yoast Seo Plugin:

Yoast SEO is a simple yet powerful and optimized SEO plugin in which almost everyone has activated on their backend of wp.

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As a beginner blogger, everybody recommends installing and playing with the plugin to make your website structure better.

Yoast Seo is a freemium plugin, Where some features might be disabled in a free version, but still, you have a lot of options in a free version.

If you have not yet installed the Yoast SEO plugin, I suggest you try at this plugin and compare what features you get in a free version compared to others.

Go to the plugin section, click on add new, type Yoast SEO; once you install, you will have to navigate to the search appearance section.

Click on the archive tab, and below you will find three options on how to disable the author section entirely for the website.

Bottom Line: 

Author and date are the necessary elements for the blog post, or and it will not affect your ranking, position anyhow on google. I tried to Explain every possible method for you how altogether to remove the date and author from WordPress posts. Let me know which way you will prefer. If you enjoy reading, then kindly share this post with your friends and family.

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