Pinterest Vs. Facebook – Which One Boost Your Traffic in Short Time

Today we are going to blow your mind by some data, which shows Pinterest vs. Facebook, a realistic approach to drive millions of traffic to the sites.

As we all know, Facebook is our traditional platform to build an audience and drive engaging traffic.

But in 2020, the game is changed, now Pinterest visual strategy comes up to overcome facebook.

Have you ever imagine Pinterest can drive thousand of traffic to your sites without any hard work.

According to stats, today, 40% of all us citizens use Pinterest daily, so it’s a better platform for us like bloggers to drive USA traffic.

Pinterest is not different from that of Facebook and Twitter. Its like a social networking platform.

Currently, we can create two types of accounts on Pinterest.

The first one is to create a self account, and 2nd one is to create a business account.

If you have created a single account, then you will not be able to get any business account features.

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What Things Will You Get in the Pinterest Business Account?

  1. • Website verification with simple script code.
    • A complete customization option for business names and descriptions.
    • Analytics insights for real-time stats.

Don’t worry. Pinterest is more flexible than it looks. If you have already created your self profile on Pinterest, you can convert it to the business profile anytime.

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Analytics of Pinterest vs. Facebook

Let’s compare data regarding the stats, which one gives proper bifurcation of visitors.

Facebook has its insight, which is more convenient and easy to understand. We get every data like pageview to follows to the engagement all in one place.

But Pinterest analytics is not fully optimized yet, I think. We only allow to see, just an overview report, which shows the impression of your post, your audience, and the data for which post has engaged with the audience.

Here is a screenshot below:

Pinterest vs Facebook Data[Comparison Data Of Mine Pinterest vs. Facebook]

Views and Impression:

Now take a deep breath, we going more in-depth, to analyzed both platforms.

I have my Pinterest business account, and I opened it every day to check whether if stats are improved or not.

Pinterest allows only to analyzed impression data only by devices like mobile, tablet, and desktop.

If you have claimed your website, then you will able to get data on particular websites.

Facebook gives you more insight data to that of Pinterest, we can divide our data by country, by city and devices.

We also get lots of page customization options to your Facebook business page, And Pinterest gives you only optimized solutions for your boards and pins.

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Pinterest vs. Facebook Engagement:

That’s all we want that’ is engagement to our post right.

As per the engagement point of view, I think Pinterest is work better than Facebook.

Here is my experience. Within three days, I got three engagement with my post. As compared to Facebook, I will roughly get 3 to 4 engagement in the month for a post.

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If you adequately optimized your Pinterest pins and boards, then you will get more than 1k impression per day, and the rate of engagement would expect 2 to 10%.

The time has changed. Nobody wants to read a whole, long article, but a short and straightforward explaining graphics says a lot than of post. Right?

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That’s why today, 30% of American uses Pinterest to drive millions of traffic to the website.

If you have successfully achieved a monthly traffic target, then you will earn lots of bucks in a short time.

Pro Tips

If you want to use Pinterest as a business perspective, then why are you waiting, start from today. Tailwind is a new way to schedule your pins on Pinterest. If you have a little budget, definitely try this platform if you’re serious about traffic.

Conclusion: Everybody who is on the internet has their tactics to drive thousands of visitors to the sites. I hope you like a blog post on Facebook vs. Pinterest comparison. Let me know your thoughts. Keep reading and sharing.

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