Pet Product Affiliate Programs – 6 Best and High Paying Platform to Try

Are you on the hunt for the best paying pet product affiliate programs? Or, Planning to start pet product affiliate blog?. Then you are on the right page.

The need for a good affiliate program has arisen because nowadays, people search best for their companion animal, whether in terms of food, training, shelter, or any other activity.

They are basically happy to invest any amount as a human of the loved one who cares for you and your family day and night without any biased return advantage.

The market growth has arisen when it comes to pet food, collars, leashes, bedding, and medicine, but we are looking for something as unique as GPS trackers and CBD oils.

So here we have come through with the six best affiliate programs for you, and here they are described below:-

Zooplus UK Affiliate Program:

It is a European affiliate program that has been working in this market since 1999. So it can be said that it is one of the longest and biggest brands that has been securely working for this many years.

In total, 8000 products have been in range and are ready to ship for the customers across Europe.

They have in store for cats, dogs, birds, fish, and smaller pets such as mice, rats, hamsters, and Guinea Pigs.

The products mainly associate a complete range of food, accessories, and home medical treatments as well.

In terms of rating the network, it has earned a great score of 4 out of 5. It is a good affiliate program and can definitely go for the same as the commission rates are low, though with 2% to 3%, but it is a great affiliate that can make up with the high sales volume.

Petco Supplies Affiliate Program:

The affiliate program predominantly has been with the United States, Mexico, and Puerto Rico since the year 1960.

In terms of physical locations, they have been spread over 1500 locations and had a major online presence and had a major offline presence before the internet was not a thing.

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One can stably find all the kinds of food and the bedding and accessories needed for your dog, cat, fish, or reptile in their online store.

They also offer various other services like dog grooming, veterinary care, obedience classes, pet sitting, and even adoption events.

The company is working for society as it has contributed $250 million to animal welfare causes since 1999.

This affiliate program intends to pay a 0% to 4% commission. 0% stands for the promotion of pup box subscription box service.

The EPC, though, indicates the larger volume of online sales for their products.

Ollie Affiliate Program:

The humans are always not so known about what kind of dog food they are opting for their best friend.

As some brands do not really shame away in adding the fillers like ash in it, yes, that leftover fire, which is not fit for the consumption besides that the meat they add, is not fit for human consumption.

On the other hand, this affiliate program is trying to make human-grade meats, and the food consumption materials are based on thorough observation of breed, age, and activity level.

The final product will be delivered at your front door.

The affiliate program helps you earn new customers referred through your links and earn up to a flat 60$ commission.

It has always been a win situation for all the people when they promote this affiliate program.

Holista Pet Affiliate Program:

The CBD has captured the great market ratio right now, and cannabidiol based health products are equally beneficial for people.

The holiday affiliate program has tried to affect this market by the CBD infused edibles, treats, and ingestible oils for dogs, cats, and they have in store for horses.

The use of the CO2 extraction process to ensure the people that the products are solvent-free and heavy materials that can harm their best friend in any sense in the future.

The hemp is grown in Colorado, and the biggest selling point for products is that they treat health problems without any actual side effects.

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The affiliate commissions are set at 25% per sale, and the EPC is hiked with $239,000 means a great deal for sure.

Pet Care Supplies Affiliate Program:

They are unique pet supplies that do not sell anything and everything but focus on health-related products for pets and dogs.

The pet will always require regular treatment like fleas, ticks, and other problems.

The pet care also delivers at your doorstep for the treatment at home, and the fee will be less than what you pay for locally.

Here is the brand that will have the advantages of all the usual brands and has the full range of products like pet shampoos, flea drops, ticks collars, and products for oral and oral hygiene.

The commission promised by the company is 10% of the order as the products are not that cheap, one can easily earn a good amount through this affiliate program. Affiliate Program:

They know the hassle of dog beds purchase, so they have created a different quality. They are designed to be comfortable and stylish and add a perfect blend to your home decor.

Though they look like a through rug but are very comfy in terms of the use as they look natural and feel great, the material used is memory foam.

The bed has a replaceable cover with an odor-resistant surface, which comes with a 10 year won’t flatten guarantee.

Promoting this affiliate program is a commission of a $24 per sale basis, which is a good deal to crack every time.

The product is unique and comfortable and worth every investment in that sense, which makes it worth investing and a great affiliate program.

FAQs Related To Top 6 High Paying Pet Product Affiliate Programs:

Q. Which is the best pet affiliate program for 2020?

They are many divided in this route, but some can be considered as best, such as Fitbark, Petcube, PetWellbeing, Pets Warehouse, and many more.

They are the best and unique in every sense possible, so that you can opt for any of them.

Q. Which are the dog training affiliate programs?

The dog’s training is equally necessary for affiliate programs: BaxterBoo, Karen Pryor Clicker Training, Ezydog, Dog trainer Handbook, Sitstay, Good Life Bark Control, Pet street mall as well as Petco.

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Q. How much does an animal rescuer make in a year?

They are the animal control specialists that rescue, neglect, abuse, and potentially dangerous domesticated animals or wildlife with an average salary of $36,600 and reported an annual wage of $32,490.

Q. Which are the highest paying pet affiliate programs?

The top highest paying pet affiliate programs are listed below:-

  • CBDPure 
  • Chewy 
  • Elle Vet Pet CBD
  • Companion Pet Protect Pet Insurance.
  • Honest Paws Pet CBD
  • Pet Plans Insurance
  • American Service Pets
  • 1-800 Pet Meds.


We have been surrounded by furry friends and many other people who opt for the pets as their own family member. The proper amount of care is always necessary for their health and well-being. We are always ready to invest as much as possible and will always try to get them their solution to every problem in every way possible.

As we know, the global pet industry has a worth of $125 billion in the world. It is a bit competitive, but with necessary and unique features, one can survive this market with due diligence and your sameness to opt-out of the box with something new.

The above mentioned six affiliate programs are unique and can help you earn a great commission and money in every sense and add extra value to your bank account.

In this day and time, pet care is the need and problem of every human possible because they need the frivolous products for their health care and the regime that will help them enhance their day-to-day activities and the well being of your furry friend.

What are you waiting for? Grab the best program for you and start earning right now.

Leave a comment below in the comment section, and let us know if you still have any doubt ticking in your mind.

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