Paytm Affiliate Program – Guide to Earn More Than 4.5% Per Product

Are you looking for an Indian based affiliate program, then I would suggest you join the Paytm affiliate program today.

Paytm is an Indian Base online wallet brought by the One97 Communications In the market, and that time they don’t have any e-commerce base model.

Later in 2016, the Paytm decided to launch a new product to the market, the first e-commerce model named Paytm Mall. Paytm Mall is like any other e-commerce store with products to sell, including household, home appliances, grocery, and many other items.

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As we all know, until 2016, many other giant E-Commerce has already covered the whole Indian market, and now Paytm has arrived in the market, so it’s a tough time for the Paytm to stick with ecommerce business and grow its platform. Every website which has products or services to sell, they definitely have One affiliate program because that’s a helping hand for that brand.

Amazon, Flipkart, these are Indian giant, which offers the best commission on the products, and we all know without an affiliate division, the revenue of every E-Commerce platform could reduce at some percentage. Then the Paytm also decided to bring its affiliate program to increase the growth of the e-commerce Store.

The E-Commerce platforms have a similar kind of processes to follow before create your affiliate account. In that case, a standard user account does not enough to be a partner with them. the way to be the partner with Paytm Mall the first thing you need to do is to create your standard user account with the Paytm ( don’t get confused with the standard account it’s the regular account that we prefer)

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Why Paytm Mall is Different

Amazon, Flipkart they have similar kind of product as like Paytm Mall, but there are some affiliate strategy which makes Paytm Mall different than others.

If we take the example of Amazon, then as we all know, Amazon has separated the product into different categories. Once we can sell any of the products, we will get a Commission as per the Amazon define products category.

amazon commission

Amazon Fixed Commission

Paytm Mall has its own Commission-based model, and they don’t follow the product categories but believe in every product’s commission you can sell via a shareable link.

Yes, you heard it right. Paytm Mall doesn’t have a different dashboard for the affiliate, but they offer a shareable link that you can refer to your colleague’s friends and viewers.

Paytm Mall has decided the commission for the product; they don’t believe in the categories as you can see the screenshot below; they offer the exact amount on every product.

The one thing did I notice about Amazon, and they have put some restrictions on its affiliate account, might be you are aware of it or not. Still, Amazon has reduced its affiliate account period. As per the norms, you need to have at least one affiliate sale in the 180 days ( that is a six month) if you are not able to sell any product within the stipulated time. Your Amazon affiliate program account gets deactivated.

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But Paytm Mall does not have any other rules for the commission, so whenever you like any product, you can share it with your friends and colleagues, and the best way you can promote it on the website, then you will definitely get the fixed commission.

I love the Paytm Mall because they have a cashback offer for every product, so it’s best to earn in both ways, via the shareable link, and under the cashback scheme.

Join Paytm Mall Via Third Party Network:

And as we all know, Paytm Mall doesn’t have affiliate set up that’s why you will not be able to receive stats of any tracking and monitoring of the campaign.


Cuelinks is one of the oldest and a trusted advertising network, wait a second don’t get confused with the advertising network, is a popular affiliate advertising network.

More than 1000+ brands cuelink have for the affiliate campaign, including Paytm Mall, Myntra, Shopclues, and many other brands.

Cuelinks work for every affiliate network, so you will get a lot of benefits like tracking, monitoring your campaign, how many clicks per day you will get, and how many commission you have received. If you are looking for some innovative affiliate program, then Cuelinks is the best platform to join today.


InrDeals Is also one of the Unique affiliate programs which we can consider for the Paytm Mall.

They have a very clear and initiative homepage that can give you complete details on how we can join and how they efficiently manage our campaign.

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InrDeals can handle every activity by self, which includes monitoring your campaign, measuring your ROI, also use a smart display ad, link management, payout commissions, everything At the one place.


Affoy is another excellent affiliate advertising network, where you can explore more than 300 plus brand to promote.

You can promote your affiliate link in many ways, including your website, blog, application, or another chatting-based app.

You can then get the data of the last 30 days period, and also, they suggest the publisher promote the affiliate link of the products via Email or the website. This is the best practice to earn more commission as per the product.


Paytm is a multi-product E-Commerce and but still, they haven’t set up their affiliate platform. We need to join Paytm affiliate via third party affiliate network to track the campaign performance and commission of the products. I hope you like the post and the process of joining the Paytm Mall affiliate program. If you like the blog post, then share it with your friend, collect, and family member.

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