Top 7 Online Stuff Selling Sites Like OLX for Great Profit

If you want to sell some used goods at a better price this olx site anytime, and we added 7 recommended online selling sites like Olx below.

Olx is a Netherlands-based company that was initially in the business of exchanging goods for locals and is now widely used in the world, as well as in India.

The idea of selling used items is familiar to us from the beginning but it was given a new online face by the OLX company.

You will also find many household items in your home that you cannot sell in the local market but you can easily sell these items at great prices at OLX Marketplace.

So if you haven’t created an account on OLX Marketplace yet, try it today or if your product is not selling OLX, here are 7 sites that are considered as alternatives for olx.

7 Powerful Online Selling Sites like OLX

  1. Gumtree

Gumtree is a British-based online classified advertising company, Here you can either list your items for free or show them on the top page by paying for the ad.

On this website, you can find all the kitchen utensils and appliances that used in the house, as well as children’s toys or study tools, electronic items, appearance items, and other household items at reasonable prices.

Gumtree has been in the online market for over ten years now, with over 30 million monthly users. So you don’t have to visit anywhere else.

  1. Oodle

Oodle is an online marketplace company based in California, USA and has been operating in the Classifieds category since 2004.

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The marketplace listing of this website is available in every major market like India, United States, Australia.

This online classified website gives anyone the opportunity to post free ads on their own so that you have more chances to get customers from any corner of the country.

You can list everything from household items to automobiles and electronics and the number of monthly users on this site is around 20 million so of course, you can try the website.

  1. Quikr

Quikr is a purely Indian-made online marketplace company based in Bangalore and currently has a customer base in more than a thousand cities across India.

Here you can buy or rent everything you need and you can see more than 100 categories of products from all over India at once so you have no shortage of customers or vendors here.

On this site you will find festive offers from time to time which you will definitely not find on other classified sites but you can visit this website today and the number of users of this website is around 80 million per month. You may have guessed the popularity of this website.

  1. Craigslist:

Craigslist is also the oldest website in the US-based, providing online services and goods like OLX.

This website is available to you in each country in its specific domain extension as well as everything from jobs to services to household items will be available to you here at reasonable rates.

The website came into existence during 1995 and since then the number of users on this website has been increasing and at present, the number of visitors is 300M per month.

  1. Ebay:
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This website is also the oldest website in the online classified e-commerce category like OLX. You can also sell your used or second-hand items here.

Ebay website was born in the United States and his primary business format is to increase Business to Business and Business to Consumer relations.

This website can be a great option for you as you will find lots of great offers and deals on, second-hand items here so visit this website now.

  1. Click

Especially if you are waiting for an Indian-made website, Click is one of the best Indian classified and job posting websites today.

The number of users on this website may be less but here you will definitely find household items for good stuffs.

  1. Locanto

Locanto is an online classified sites network. This website is spread all over the world. You can definitely consider this website as an alternative for OLX.

You will find everything on this website, such as jobs, real estate, household goods, and some services. If you are offering all kinds of services, you can post ads here.

Even if the website is German-based, it has a lot of users in India and has made good progress since 2006.

Bottom Line: I have given you all kinds of information through this post so if you want to read the full post then definitely let me know your thoughts. If for some reason you no longer use OLX, what is your favorite e-website right now that you prefer to sell your services or goods first. If you have got any good information from this post, be sure to share this post in your friend’s circle and let us know your thoughts in the comment box.

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