Niche Website Ideas – Expert Guide to Choose Profitable One

This post will explore the niche website ideas we can start even from today and add some niche that doesn’t require any content to rank, so stay tuned.

In 2020, everybody has its mentor or at least social media guru, which helps and guides you on how to blog, SEO, promote and earn right, but it’s not necessary that every trick works for your blog.

There are lot more bloggers and you tubers out there who show their income, their niche which helps to make much more bucks right.

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Most social influencers are full time working, or they might have a good business setup team that works for him to be consistent in the online world.

But as a newbie like me, it’s really tough to get that much of traffic and earning in the initial period, after may 2020 update Google will punish almost everyone out there in the blogging field. So choosing a niche and how you grow your blog is now really strict as per policy, and if you don’t follow or break some rule, you will punish.

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Most blog websites or any other niche do require a lot of hard work like backlinks. This is the far most important thing I recommend, 2nd thing is trustworthy content, which attracts your user to come again to your site and help you make and grow affiliate income.

There are so many niche websites out there that rank without heavy content, as we all know, fresh content must to maintain your position on the first page. Right. But some sites only work to rank to 1 keyword, and you heard it right, knowingly and unknowingly we have often visited even those sites some time.

One or two keywords with high volume in all countries definitely help you get millions of traffic in a month.

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Why Blog Not Ranked?

There are so many possibilities that why your blog is not worth ranking as per Google. Either you are not updated regular content on the website, or you might be updating daily content, but that content must lengthy to rank.

Whether you backlinks is weak or does not believe in backlinks, as lot forum claims backlinks don’t matter. I firmly believe backlinks help you sustain your domain rank and authority.

I am not a superior blogger, I am still struggling to get on the first page, but I didn’t get much time to work on my blog due to my full-time job.

If you wish to rank your niche without heavy content, then you must have at least coding knowledge or some backend logic to build your website.

So without wasting you more, let get to the niche website ideas:

Niche Affiliate Website Ideas:

Hosting Guide and Reviews:

Many websites currently do not offer any hosting but provide some real stats and ratings as per price. This is a very costly niche and very tough to rank, but if you wish to involve this niche, it is very profitable.

Hosting and cloud-related keywords are high biddings, and peoples actually spend too much on hosting. One ad click-through Adsense will get you around up to $1 to $5 quickly with $20-$30 RPM, which means you can earn in both ways by ad click and impression too.

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Deals and Coupons:

Deals and coupons website are ever demanding sites, whenever the user wishes to search any code or deal on particular then they will definitely visit your website, if you are in the top 10, then you are lucky because on average this niche has potential to get 50 % clicks on the first page.

Coupons which mostly related to hosting, ecommerce, and software-related products, you don’t need to provide anything through your website, you just have to check every service provider website to check whether they re having any special discount and deals.

SEO and Digital Marketing:

The digital marketing field has many topics to rank, but you need to write as much as lengthy content than the top giant website, which always on the stick to the first page. Seo niche is a very competitive and profitable niche too.

If you really wish to rank in this category, then I told you its tough work and lots of research you require to draft your content. Most SEO related keywords are costly. If you already in this niche, then it’s okay. Otherwise, you need to follow all webmasters and SEO related blogs to understand how things work and how Google can revolve the whole market in one update.

Travel and Food Blogs:

In 2020, everyone loves to invest in this niche. With this niche, you can expose yourself to the world, which means a lot of traveling opportunity that is not possible for everyone. And one of the supplement niches is a food blog, and whenever you visit a new place, you will get the ideas of that place and things that most local guys love to eat.

This is not a very competitive niche, but you have to spend a lot on traveling and writing too. Most food bloggers engage with premium ads like mediavine because Google does not give high CPC for traveling related keywords.

Electronics Goods:

As we are in 2020, we have lots of gadgets and electronic devices to promote. Most electronic related niches entirely depend on ecommerce websites like Amazon and Flipkart, because google does not provide much higher CPC to electronic category.

Amazon does offer up to a 6% commission on gadgets. Most websites that have crossed the essential traffic criteria went to Amazon for affiliates commission because the chances of buying products are excellent. If you wish to join this category, then start work from today,


Bodybuilding is a very different niche, and you at least need to have strong knowledge on how to build muscle and how body mechanics work with protein and all stuff. This niche is not for everyone, and fitness geeks definitely succeed in this niche.

Fitness and bodybuilding entirely depend on product commission, which means they offer proteins, bars, equipment, and earn a small commission from them, Adsense also works well with this niche. Still, the affiliate commission always dominates if we compare with ads income.

Sports Guide:

Sport is an extensive niche, and it entirely depends on you how you can bifurcate the content, whether you deliver content related to world cup history, who wins the first world cup, ODI series, test match, and more. Some websites only focus on recent events that happen in a favorite sports person’s life.

Otherwise, you can promote your sports product online via a blog, AdSense might work well with this niche because you are promoting products that are already low demanding in the market. So think wisely do not involves in such a niche, which will saturate after some period.

Fashion Blog Idea:

Fashion and outfit related blog definitely worth to try, if you have some knowledge regarding makeup, beauty accessories, or how to groom yourself on party event and outside, then great. This niche is also competitive as per my experience because the news website already covers everything regarding the top famous person and lifestyle.

You should write your own experience in the blog. That’s the only genuine way to rank in Google. Once you achieve small and consistent traffic, you can remove ads from website and signup for affiliates programs, this definitely worth and get you to earn some bucks.

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Party and Events Ideas:

Did you know how to organize the event and what are necessary things are involved in throwing an awesome party, then this website niche idea is for you. This is kind of popular niche, and high searched too, so investing your time in this niche will definitely get you success.

Party ideas for corporate is always trending and most youngster also searching this often frequently. You can earn a decent amount from Adsense alone. Move to the affiliate sources after getting massive traffic. Many websites offer necessary items to the party, including drinks and costumes, and more. So start focusing on that item, if you were interested in affiliate.

Gaming Overview:

Gaming overview and how to complete the walkthrough part is a cool thing to promote, and you can easily promote your experience the scenario, the cheat code, and tricks that you have tried, this fun-loving website niche ideas to work in 2020.

You don’t need to do any hard work. You just have to play new games which usually released, if you wish to target on desktop games, then it’s excellent, or android gaming-related keywords also have good CPC from Adsense, so think wisely and decide which one is suitable to you.

Niche Website Ideas for Ads:

How to Blogging:

Blogging is a vast field, and there are every year thousand of blogger joins in blogging, not everybody is master or aware of everything on a blogging platform, this is the best way to promote your content on how to blogging category.

Adsense does give high CPC and RPM to the blogging related keywords. You can promote any platform like Wix, WordPress, Joomla, BlogSpot, and many others. Or you can target inside micro topics like how to enable copyright protection to post, how to animation to the blog post etc. I am just giving an overview of this category when you really jump into this, and then you will get to know the potential of this niche.

Insurance Guide:

This is a complete market demanding niche. As you know, many banks and other financial institutes offer various insurance to people, cars, bikes, and other physical entities. Insurance is a high CPC keyword, and yes, investors pay a lot too.

You can either promote insurance on your website in the form of the banner to earn a commission or otherwise, AdSense works very well for this category. Most insurance keywords are really costly, up to $100 per click. Do not neglect this niche, even in India, and this website works well with AdSense.

Money Making and Saving Idea:

Why we are in blogging, yes because everyone wishes to earn more or at least pay the due and bills, let’s think that the opposite is why we can’t control our budget or save more. We can even save more, but usually, we don’t know how? That’s why this niche is trendy over the USA.

We can efficiently work on this niche website idea because everyone has a family, and everyone has a lot of financial pressure right, like a loan, credit card debt, mortgage. Etc. This category fully works in every country, and if you are kind of miser person (don’t take it seriously for this word.), then this blog niche is for you.

Legal Blogs:

There are many websites on the web, which ultimately offers legal help regarding filing a case and what procedure you need to follow for your accidental claim. The ordinary people do not aware of any legal system and its policy, so for that is this situation happens; they first went to Google.

If you are an experienced lawyer or have done some previous study, then you can quickly start writing on this niche, this utterly unique niche, and don’t even get higher competition like tech blog niche. This niche has holds some high CPC and most searched keywords too.

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News Category:

The news website niche is a general website, which means they are free to write on any topic. Nowadays, you cannot cover every item in one blog because that is how you distract from your niche, and google does not categorize your website.

I am not saying news website is not worth, but you should have to update daily content on your website regarding politics, legal, tech-related, and many more as a news publisher. News categories mostly rely on AdSense for significant income, and now other ads networks accept news websites too.

Health Blog:

A Health blog is a great website niche to start as a blogger. There are many blogs out there that entirely focused on growing as healthy people, along with diets, health, mediation, fitness, and how to be calm and happy in life.

If you are good at writing health and wellness related content, this niche category is for you, this kind of website entirely earns its significant sources of income from ads, and other premium range of vast ads network. I don’t think you will get a considerable affiliate program in this category.

Comparison Blog:

Comparison blogs is a great way to explain your own thoughts after using any gadget, equipment, and vehicles. Most blogs that earn more in this category are related bike comparison, car comparison, cell phone comparison, or any other brand product that is almost the same in price.

If you are good at noticing some differences quickly, this category is for you. You are indirectly promoting products too. Right by giving a self-experience, so this category works well with AdSense and with affiliate also. Think wisely and make your final decision.

Buying Guide:

In this website niche, you can elaborate on some stuff. After using item experience, you can write on any topic that related kitchen accessories, health, beauty accessories, fashion stuff, and you can add books. You can give a short synopsis on which topic book is all about. Right.

This topic very great to beginners and does not have any significant competition like tech bloggers. Either you can promote your content as for ads or as an affiliate way, and I don’t think, household item does earn you higher commissions from Amazon, so promote online products or e-products will defiantly worth in this niche.

Video and Audio Editing Blogs:

Video and audio editing niche website are highly demanding now and always. Thanks to YouTube, or we can say video content, creating excellent video content is no an easy task, as there are many other tasks involves in crafting perfect video rights.

You can explain your knowledge, tips, and shortcut on recording your youtube video at home. Keywords in this category are highly searched on google, which means if you have massive traffic, nobody stops you from earning.

DIY Blogs:

This niche website idea is comprehensive, you can find different topics to write every day if you carefully analyzed the environment from indoor activities like wall decorating, bed cleaning, bug removing, wall mounting devices, family rooms, and living room designing, etc.

For outdoor, you can write on backyard gaming ideas, design ideas, gardening ideas, landscaping, etc. This niche works well with AdSense and affiliate programs too. So think wisely if you feel you are creative enough, then this category is for you.

Bottom Line:

These are only 20 ideas for a niche. The internet is like an open world for us. Might you already have the best niche? I hope you like the above niche website ideas in which works in every situation. Hit the share button if you like the post.

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