Mx Player Games and Similar Apps like Mx Player

Are you looking for the best video player to improve the Android video experience, then I suggest you try MX Player. I know there are many options you will find on the play store, but why MX Player is different, what MX player games, and how it allows to Earn MX coin.

MX Player is still a famous video player for Android and Apple devices. It supports every video and audio format, including high-end video and Dolby sounds.

Do you know MX Player is one of India’s best Video streaming and video-on-demand platforms?

What is an MX player:

MX Player is a multi-purpose video platform for Android and Apple. The first version Came into the market back on 18th July 2011 with the offline video viewing capability. 

With simplicity and great user functionality, the MX Player is the Rising from day one, and now they are registered as an OTT platform internationally.

If you visit MX Player online, you will find thousands of movies and web series, the originally broadcast first on the platform.

For continuous user experience and engagement, the company has decided to invest in other activities to cover the different aspects of the application alone.

Mx Player Games:

MX Player, the original is known for the best online and offline video platform now decided to increase its market repo and allow the user to stay along to the platform.

The company’s primary aim is to engage more users through various entertaining activities, including videos, web series, movies, songs, and now MX Player games.

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MX Player had recently released games to the platform, including Arrow Master, Street Racer, Flap Up, Jump Jump, Candy Mash, Airlift, Plus-Minus, Bubble Blast, Slide & Glide, etc.

The MX Player staff is looking to release more HTML based games to the platform by the end of 2020.

Everyone has their high-end config smartphone in their pocket, then why does anybody love to play a simple HTML game on the MX Player. Right? Let’s see.

Mx Coin:

MX Player invites users to play HTML games on their platform, and in return, the company offers the Loyalty program.

In the Loyalty program, the company gives the MX coin to the user whenever you complete the level or win the battles.

MX coin is the new concept they have brought to the platform, and you can use your coins anywhere once you reach their requirement.

You can use MX coin to unlock the premium video content and the discount and deals that you can redeem to the retail platforms like Paytm, Myntra, Box8, etc.

If you wish to try the coins practice, you will have a first sign-up bonus consisting of around 100 coins and many other small tasks to collect 15 to 200 coins per day. 

Mx Player Creator:

Now it turns to look at other aspects of MX Player. Have you used it for day-to-day to watch videos and web series? Then the question arises here.

Why Videos, movies, and web series posted on the MX Player? Does it help anyhow to the creator financially?

If you would like to become the MX Player creator, you will benefit below.

  • MX Player is a trending platform and has over 175 million active users from India, so your content will get more views on any other platform.
  • You will likely get the revenue for your videos, which are monetized by the advertisement.
  • From metrics to analytics, you will get everything to your dashboard.
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MX Player is a complete entertainment package for the devices, but still, you need a different video player than MX Player, then look at below five apps like MX Player: 

Top 5 Similar Apps like Mx Player:

VLC Media Player:

The VLC media player is an open-source and cross-device broadcasting video player developed by the VideoLAN project.

It’s one of the best and oldest media players on the computer and now on smartphones; if you are having trouble with the MX Player, you can go with the VLC media player. 

If you have ever been faced with an eac3 audio not supported issue on MX Player, you can go with the VLC media player because it helps multiple digital sounds. 

GOM Player:

GOM player is a great video player app for the windows, and it Introduced by the GOM & Company of South Korea.

The multimedia company gomlab is an expert in all Video editing and software development.

The GOM player is known for having the best feature. You can play some unconfirmed downloaded media files, and the app presents the solution for the missing codec for the videos using codec finding solution.

GOM Player for Android can play the media file downloaded to third-party storage apps like Dropbox, Onedrive, etc. The feature mentioned above makes the GOM Player worth using for Android; you can count this as one of the best Similar Apps like Mx Player.


KMPlayer is a Media Player for the windows, and the IOS, Which supports the latest audio formats, including Dolby sounds as well.

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You can watch or play any video; no matter what format you have saved to your local storage with the KMPlayer, nothing is impossible.

KMPlayer is a similar app like MX Player, and more than that, it supports More than ten languages for the subtitles for any videos.


Xplayer, Multiple media supported video tool which is designed by InShot Inc., Also having features to hide some media files from others.

Ultra HD, 4K HD Everything you can load with Xplayer also if you’re video and subtitle not running on the same track, Here’s you can adjust the both with the simple setting.


Mplayer is an open-source and free media player which is available on the Linux IOS and Windows platform. 

The fast and responsive player supports 192 video formats and more than 80 video codec formats easily.

Bottom Line:

In the post, I have mentioned everything related to MX Player, including what is MX Player, MX player games, MX coins, and how you can become the MX creator to earn; also along with I have covered the five similar apps like MX Player. Let me know what you think about MX Player. Is it worth using on smartphones? Drop your comment below. Don’t forget to share this post with your friend and family if you found it helpful.

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