Meetup Alternative – Share Common Interest and Build Community

Getting tired of regular activity and looking for the best place to hang out with friends, if you are such kind of person, who always loves to explore. Then you can create your group to execute your event, here we list top meetup alternative, which helps you make your event planning better.

Do you wish to get out of regular boring stuff, then you can check out meetup alternative website, this website is robust and well known as event planner website.

Life is about to experience a new thing to new pieces of stuff and try to overcome your fear by challenging yourself, and this is movement and primary agenda of the meetup team.

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Meetup websites are not about an event planner website, but its superior platform helps people to identify the same network group in the locality.

Do not always rely on somebody to take them with yourself for the favorite event. This platform gives a chance to explore the people who are near you or far away. So now you’re free from dependency.

Whether you wish to join a local group for a particular event or want to invite somebody for that event, then you can do with sign up with this website.

Not only do you try outdoor and adventure events, but many things happen near you, and we are not aware of them like family events, health and wellness events, sports events, and music events.

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We can even monitor our planned event progress via their super-intelligent dashboard, which you can access in the pro package.

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If you think meetup websites does not fulfill your needs, then try another meetup alternative, which surely solves your problem.

Top 5 Meetup Alternative:


Eventbrite is one of the highly creative us-based event management and ticketing websites. We can surely consider this platform as one of the best meetup alternative.

Very clean and intuitive UI, make it more exciting to explore more about these websites, no need to pay for a signup, and readily accept new user via Facebook credential.

At the moment, this website offers three paid plans, which are essential, professional, and premium, along with that, we can quickly create event tickets that allow the user to buy to the particular event.


Bylde is a highly intelligent and event marketing platform that you can count as a meetup alternative.

If your event is largest and has a good budget, then I suggest going with this platform, their super-intelligent marketing solution quickly helps you track your event progress.

Bylde offers end to end monitoring and tracking funnel, which easily keeps you track of daily progress of your ticket purchase and revenue system.


Facebook is a multimedia social sharing network, which also has event planning features. You can definitely count this website as a free meetup alternative.

Almost 95% total population has its profile on Facebook, so you don’t need to explore more people to attend the event.

We don’t have to pay any single dollar to track and organized our event, and this is yet one of the best and free event planning websites, which offers nearly feature similar to a paid site.

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Calendify is the best platform to keep track and monitor your favorite which are going to happen near you, and also known as meet alternative

This platform’s highly responsive and clean design allows users to manage their events to keep them up to date.

From broadcasting new shows to a specific music event, we can schedule everything under place, so you never miss any event.


I keep this website one last because this website’s purpose is to serve only events related to sports and physical fitness.

Whether you wish to create an event for a sports club, enterprise, or non-profit organization, their support assists you to plan.

OpenSports offers free option to create groups, but for tracking and measuring the success ratio of your sports event, you need to enroll in the paid plan.

Conclusion: Read the entire blog, and I hope you love the list of meetup alternative, which assist you in planning your event accordingly. Let me know your thought via comment, hit the share if you like this post.

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