LiFi Full Form and How Does LIFI work? – Complete Details

Everybody in this digital age has heard the Wi-Fi term right. Let’s say Wi-Fi is the standard term, but as per the modern era, the Wi-Fi word has been replaced by the LiFi. Stay on this post here. I will explain LiFi full form and how does life work?

LiFi full form

LiFi stands for Light Fidelity in the internet world. LiFi networks are mostly used for high-speed data transmission.

How Does LIFI work?

Lifi is the more robust version of Wi-Fi, which can transfer data up to a maximum of 100 % more than a Wi-Fi network.

Let’s go in deep into the Wi-Fi signal first. The Wi-Fi uses the radio signal to transmit the data between the two devices.

But in the recent upgradation in Wi-Fi, which we have known as a lifi today, is uses a led that emits a light signal that pulses in the form of a signal that identifies and captures by devices with more efficiently than Wi-Fi.

Why light signal is faster than a radio signal, radio signals could face unreachability due to the many environmental barriers, So Wi-Fi needs to upgrade in recent years.

How Does the Lifi Process Works

Source device from the origin location has photosensitive signal generators that first convert radio signals generated from the system and at the point of launching. It converts the entire radio signal to the Light Frequency signals at the same time.

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The receiver at the destination point has the same kind of configuration on the system. Whenever the signal receives at the age of the destination point, the detector of a photosensitive collects the entire light’s pulses, converts them into the respective radio signal, and sends it back to the original machine. This is how the Lifi system works.

Why is Lifi the Fastest Signal Network?

  1. The Lifi Light signal is high-speed and can pass through easily dense material, even like salty water.
  2. Mostly preferable for the high crowded areas like hospitals, airport, and operation theatre.
  3. Lifi has a strong network that can cover up to 10 meters.
  4. Significantly fewer environmental factors can affect or distract the signal waves.
  5. The LED bulb is the prime element that generates the light pulses.

Bottom Line: I hope I’ve explained the Lifi full form and described how does LiFi work? Kindly share your experience through the comment box about the blog post. If you found some helpful information on this blog, kindly share it with your friend and family member.

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