Landing Page SEO Optimization Tips and Best Practices To Boost Leads

Today, we going to cover one of the most crucial concepts, which is known as landing page SEO.

Today, almost 90% of internet user has their website or ecommerce store right? But not every one of them has successfully achieved their ROI or outcome as they expected.

The clean and wonderfully crafted website does not guarantee you high ROI.

There are some techniques we need to follow to attract our readers to convert a loyal member.

So, first of all, we evaluate what SEO friendly landing page is?

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SEO friendly landing page is not a different part of the website. Don’t worry.

Either you don’t have to spend too much to design your correctly optimize the landing page for SEO.

Whenever you begin or start a paid campaign, you have to provide a destination page to your ads. That’s everyone knows. Right.

Suppose if you are preparing for google search ads. Then your ads will appear on the first page. And when user type query and sees the result of paid searches, which include your ad.

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The user instantly clicks to result and reach to your site, right? So this is the primary entry point, that how you can convert a user to be your customer.

Like, Lic Agent real-life example, they convert almost 90% of innocent people to buy their policy by explaining more significant points to enroll.


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What is the primary purpose of a SEO Landing Page?

Once the user reaches one of the pages, as you set to a landing page or entry page, this page must be well and neatly optimize for the user.

Here is a twist; optimizing your landing page does not mean for google, but to the user, because here is your aim to convert your new reader to buy your product or services.

The landing page must include all the significant aspects your websites like images, graphs, testimonials, user satisfying content, meta title and description, your footer, local address, name, contact details, and many more.

In short, when a user visits your sites through landing, these pages must fulfill users’ all of the needs in one place, and the user doesn’t need to go anywhere else to find more information regarding the same product or services.

Landing page seo

Which is the best practice for optimizing a landing page for google ads?

There are so many examples you get from the search engine. If you want to check live example, then go to google and type your query, you will see, top paid results.

Click any one of paid results, and then you will land on a specific page of sites, and observe, write it down, what you notice, for your reference, like content placement, above folded strategy, well-optimized images and graphs. Etc.

Landing Page SEO Optimization Best Practices:

If you want to make your own SEO friendly landing page, then try below mentions things to include on the page.

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Chat Box:

First of all, I recommend a chatbox on the landing page. Because whenever the user wants to buy or want to know more about your services or product, then who will help him. At the time. Right?

Nobody knows which query comes to the user’s mind. So far, you have you understand its perspective and trying to give the shortest and sensible answer.

Try to resolve user or reader doughts, and then he will buy or enroll with your services.

For example, everybody visits local shops, right? To buy goods, but before buying, we asked lots of questions to shop owners regarding the product, yes everyone does.

City State Local Address Is Must:

When your user entered to your sites and landed on-page, that page must mention which city they are providing their services.

The location of the business plays a significant role; in that perspective, most of the clothes or shoe brands we preferred is originate from the USA or the united kingdom.

Load Time:

Website load time is a must to optimize things when it comes to online business. You can check google page speed, Or upload content to the CDN network for the quick response.

90% user expect to load websites within 2 sec of after click, so page speed maintain as much as possible.

There will be a Google page experience update soon, and you need to know about it if you want to stay ahead of the competition.

Product Or Services Features And Benefits:

The landing page must fill with product or services related content, like mention all of the benefits of your product on the page, before, above folded part of the website.

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Benefits are things where we expect to get after the invested in product or service.

Like the hosting company, they mention everything storage, ram, SSL security support on their website, in the form of paid services.

Social Proof And Testimonials

Proof and spoken words are trusted things that we follow in day to day life. The recommendation is a significant factor when you are about to expand your business, try to give 100% satisfaction to customers. Yes, that tough.

Inform them and always be supportive when a user in trouble.
There are two ways to mentions testimonials to the landing page. Like the first one general reviews, you can directly drop it from google listing or social sites like Facebook.

Another way to make a video testimonial, these are one of the engaging parts of the site, where you can see and notice live use and handful features of the product if possible try to make a video regarding products.

Conclusion: I hope you like these blog, based on my experiment, which I pushed to my clients, read complete points of landing page optimization for SEO. Share and let others know.

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