Hacking Online Tool & Its Introduction!

Hacking, everybody knows this word and also, that word reflect itself as illegal activity. When this topic comes I have get some reviews from my friend circles like;“What is ethical hacking”, “Hacking is for professionals”, “hacking its beyond you think?” etc.


Hacking start from data, data means any type like value or signals. Up to this everyone knows,  data hacking does not start in small pond or in I would say lan(Local Area Network) network, it starts when you self expose to open world, as internet is very vast and from start to end each and every object is on internet, nothing will remain hide for longtime.

What is Hacking?

The transmitted value or data that is being forward with help of a packet or other transmission unit. You can easily check from yourself to your system, when you type or search any query to internet or Google, that query will added into url with some sign then forward to encrypt this query, as like


(This is not real real link.)

Many of us don’t observe this, but this is an initial stage where hackers try to inject some code or data or un-processing object, that will lead to change structure of original data

This highlighted area where they can inject some code or we can say that http injection and that is carry forward to server for processing data, if https is secure then it’s ok otherwise, if this happens, that lead to a very disastrous result.


So to prevent this incident many org came together to introduced a header as protection identity for data transmission. This include a signs that will merge into native data and form encrypted data along with key, encrypted data is like lock this whole send over the network and it’s not easily traceable, this data will return to original form after its key matches with receiver’s key. Today many encryptions available in all around world like; Triple DES, RSA, BLOWFISH, AES.

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Hacker changes the header part in data packet another way we call it a payload. Payload is partial part of header payload is act like signal for incoming packet or it having short summary of data packet.

There are many secure protocol associated in secure process SSH file transfer (SFTP) or secure copy (SCP) protocols.SSH uses the client-server mode. And Google chrome officially announces that they are support website only who’s having https(s means secure http).


Conclusion: I m just giving you short brief on this topic I m not professional or expert in this field. If you really looking for some help or want to discover something interesting, you should try “Http Injection.apk (Hacker App)”

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