Google Assistant Now Understands Regional Queries

Google Assistant, the Google’s giant AI [artificial intelligence program] comes up with latest updates one day before in the morning,

Google Multilingual Update

Currently Google Assistant is compatible in nearly 8 languages, such as English French German etc. it seems Google is focusing to more this product.

Already as we know, there are many program are growing rapidly, like Amazon’s Alexa, Iphone’s siri program, one thing is common in the programs, they will only delivers results to English queries.

Basically, this updates will brings more than 80 regional languages support like, Danish, Dutch, Hindi, Indonesian, Norwegian and Swedish and more.

You can change your language whenever you want through programs settings, suppose you speak English in office and in home you want to use French, that’s ok, this Multilingual feature will allow to user send query in multiple language.

As well as Assistant Mobile OEM program will release soon as one of the Google’s product executive officially said in twitter, this program is specially related to hardware, bcoz this help mobile manufacture opportunity to deeply understand Google’s product and how to integrate it with android system, to better the user experience.

But is it really helps SEO’s?

Search Engine Optimization

It might be, over 40% search query are coming from voice search and that sure, it will increases in upcoming days, so is it end for SEO’s. Even content marketer has to adopt hyper local content strategies to specifically focus on near me, nearby, around me in content, to be highlighted in mobile SERP pages.

One thing for sure, Google’s algorithm reads search snippet to delivers result for desktop or mobile query’s as well.

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Conclusion: now its look like a toughest challenge comes from Google updates for marketers to rank their business or stay on top SERP pages. 🙂

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