Global SEO Strategy – Huge Opportunity for International Success

Today, we are going to explore more about global SEO strategy for big domains, have you ever done SEO for international sites. Not yet. Let’s find out.

If you are about to start a global SEO strategy for new websites, then your first step is to make sure to do proper research.


Research on your competitors, how your competitor ranks for all locations; this is the live case study for you.


What is an International SEO?


International SEO is not different from the local SEO strategy, but some steps will make it more different from each other.


If you know the local SEO checklist, then you can easily catch the points that need to target.


First fo all, you need to define your business for the international market.


Take the example of Samsung, which originates from South Korea, and still dominate the whole world, with beautiful devices.


To define the language for the website is your first step toward the global SEO strategy.


SEO Translate feature 

We Can Define the Website Language in 2 Ways.


Make sure to add google translator for your website. Whenever a user visits from a different country to the site, then he will able to select his desired language to understand more content.


Here is another costliest way to do this thing, you can create individual language domain as amazon doing these tactics.

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Many times have you observed when you visit Amazon. The product prices are in a different currency, right, that’s because of the international SEO strategy.

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Languages :


Language plays a significant role when you are about to expand your business globally.


Set your language criteria, whether you want to rank your domain to Canada or in Spanish.


You can convert your website with simple steps. Google has provided us a tool, known as google translator, Go, and check it out.


Domain Criteria:


Have you heard country lever domain ccTLD (Country Code Top-Level Domains)? I will recommend you to go with .com because it globally ranks in any location. If you choose only .ca or .au domain, then you will miss the rest of the international traffic and leads.

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Hosting Location:


No one gives importance to this point. Hosting location does matter when you are particular about your business.


Whenever you buy hosting, make sure to select a proper country.


Or have you already buy your domain, and later decided to target for a specific country.


Then check which hosting location you got, check this website domain tool




The hreflang is a kind of signal to google that we are using multi-language code on the website.


As honestly, nobody has seen any drastic improvement by applying this code to the website. 


The purpose of this code is to serve the right content to the right audience.

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This code must be placed in the header section of websites, make sure you have appropriately added.


Here is the basic code structure of hreflang.


<link rel=”alternate” href=”” hreflang=”es-es” />

<link rel=”alternate” href=”” hreflang=”fr-fr” />

<link rel=”alternate” href=”” hreflang=”pt-pt” />


hreflang seo tactics 

How to Target a Specific Country


If you are looking quick way to target a specific country for business, visit the Google webmaster tool and then navigate to the Legacy tools section, you will see international tool Click on that.


You will see the below interface on your webmaster.


If you have used hreflang code, then it will easy to select the desired location.


Otherwise, click on the country tab, which shows the list of the country to target. 


That’s it.


Conclusion: I hope you understand what I am trying to convince you regarding the global SEO strategy for websites. Let me know if you have any queries. Keep reading and sharing

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