Free WordPress Theme Checklist – Check Weather Theme is Worthy Or Not

With nearly 3000+ free responsive wordpress themes are available on, WordPress is the world’s largest cms community. With free and premium, both versions of the theme are available for you to customize it according to your needs.

I know, everybody wants to minimize its budget, so most beginners choose a freeway, right? That’s ok, once you start generating your profits, then you will automatically switch to the paid version. Nothing comes for free right?

Best Free Responsive WordPress Themes For Your Business

There are a lot of free versions of WordPress themes present right now in the market.

These are the above mentioned free version WordPress theme which I observe clean and responsive. You can check also.

free responsive wordpress themes

You can download a free WordPress theme easily, but keep mind never use the free WordPress theme as it is on your website, you need to customize it before going live with these themes. If you have a budget to spend some bucks on a theme in between like 30 $ to 50 $, then you get excellent support from theme creator via mail or sometimes remote access.

Free Version WordPress Theme Download

So many ways you can download free responsive WordPress themes for self, from org or third party providers.

1) WordPress

It has the best free and premium version of the theme collection which usually available in the market, you can also be a creator, upload your theme, and get recognition from all over the community. WordPress gives you a list of free and premium theme so that you can check wisely.

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2) Reputable Third-party Distributor

Other than WordPress, theme developers also, upload their theme on third party websites like ThemeForest, TemplatemMonster, ThemeTrust. This website is also trustworthy, like WordPress. Sometime you’ll get extra customize features from developers but with more cost.

Things you need to check before choosing the best WordPress themes for blogs or websites.

1) Theme speed

Yes, right the theme speed test is a must before you can invest. A lot of attractive graphics and responsive effects lead to the use of unlimited resources of ajax and CSS. So make sure, whether its free or premium WordPress theme, must pass through this test.

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2) Integrity

Once you make your decision to buy or download the theme, check whether the theme is capable of mix or integrate with other tools. A lot of security issue happens these days, so you’ll need security inspection tools to save your site from spammers. Some themes are hectic, they are not easily optimized with third-party tools, then becomes hectic work to switch after the setup.

3) Customization ability

Did You hear about theme design? If not then this best in category of free responsive wordpress themes, Like UI UX design, not in detail, but some people want to change their free version WordPress themes appearance. Likewise, menus, background, footer, header, sliders, etc. most of the WordPress theme does not respond appropriately with page builders. And if you forcefully tried to change in theme, its get broken, that’s sad.

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Conclusion: Nobody gives you complete advice on this topic, but if you want to invest in theme, then make sure the above-specified inspection is done successfully before you decide.

I hope this free responsive wordpress themes helps to take your decision.

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