Free Voiceover App – Nobody Stops You To Become Video Expert

Did you wanted to join in acting or backstage work, then you ‘ll need to have these voiceover app to your handset. 

This post is the second part of the Voice over software topic, but in this topic, we ll going to cover the top 5 voiceover app that makes your work easier.

Do you wish to minimize your budget or don’t have bucks to spend on high-end desktop software, then this post is ideal for you.

The first thing I wish to clear, this voiceover app helps you to convert your audio, your sound, helps you in dubbing, and narration work. Don’t expect much from the android app due to limitations.

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You can use your Voice to record sound or Voice for your youtube videos, and I find most of the people don’t like to spend more time on the laptop, that’s why I came with these top 5 voiceover app for you.

We ll get lots of natural and helpful features from these apps, including transparent background noise, add music to recording sound, dubbing the Voice to some extent, add some extra sounds (clap, funny and more.)

Most of the voiceover app free to download for android devices, I have not included iPhone apps, because of lot security and restriction, maybe paid version, I did not found any app which relates to the topic.

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We can get mixing, and sound enhancement features with this voiceover app like trim, crop audio, equalizers, echo sound mixer, voice pitch, and many more.

Top 5 Voiceover App for Your Android Device 

VoiceOver – Record and Do More

I have spent some quality time on the research, and I found this voiceover app the most useful. This app is also a kind of freemium version, which provides top features up to some limits.

The primary purpose of this app is to serve the better audio recording options to your audio file, no matter if you wish to upload or like to record live.

This app has a multi-variant sound, which can be useful to record horror videos, funny videos, memes, etc.

If you wish to sing like a professional singer or like to record karaoke, this app is ideal for that kind of person.

Add Music to Voice:

I have put this voiceover app on the second list because of its limited features, after spending 10 mins on this app, it looks nice and clean, also user friendly and easily clickable.

This app primarily focused on sound or music files on how you enhance with simplicity.

We can optimize our audio clips, as per pitch, like high to a low pitch, also pause and play option makes this process easy and hectic free.

Video Voice Dubbing:

As the name suggests, this voiceover app assists you in the edition work of your video files. I have found this app is beneficial, but after analyzing the reviews, I am very disappointed, we need to cheer for app developers.

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Because everybody uses the app for a different purpose, so I guess a small android app does not help you to solve all the problems, it’s just a mobile app.

The video voice dubbing app is entirely free and does not have any paid features inside. If you wish to dub the sound of vides, then this app is your ideal partner.

We can dub the sound of any video clip or effectively remove or placed new audio to the file. It accepts multi-format files like Flv, Avi, mp4, 3gp, and many more.

Narrator’s Voice:

This is the most versatile voiceover app I found on the play store. It deserves to have paid features, that’s amazing.

If you are not sure about the use of this app, then will clear you here: with the help of this app, you can embed your Voice to narration, documentary film, ppt case study, and many more.

Narrator’s Voice is a multi-language support app that assists you in creating videos. It records the text as Voice, when you type, with many voices and multi-language effects.

Voloco: Auto Voice Tune + Harmony:

Voloco: Auto Voice Tune + Harmony is the best voiceover app for real-time processing voice and automatically assists you in tunning, harmonizing, and vocoding.

This app is for creators, and you can create your won videos with superb Voice and tag them on Instagram, they will admittedly post your work.

With this app we can soften or harden our voice’ pitch as per demand, we can freely use present modes, which has a starter, modern rap, p-tain, bon hiver and many more, this is the extra features which you can experience with this application.

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Conclusion: This are my top 5 voiceover app that I have used before and current to my videos, let me know your thoughts if you found this helpful, please share with your friends.

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