Free Video Quality Enhancer to Improve Low-Quality Video

In this post, we will take the tour of how video quality enhancers can make your videos presentation much better.

Did you record video in low-resolution cam or low light? Then damn the video quality of the recorded file is inferior, and when you are about to edit these videos, then behind the pain of editing is really tough.

Most of us don’t even bother about the quality of the video. Still, when creators involve, they try to find out an alternate way to enhance the video quality, which newbie might be aware of.

I have seen a lot of YouTubers and video content creator’s user play with Video quality enhancer apps every day and in the process of their work.

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As of the SEO point of view, the video must be clear and should be precise to denote all mention points in brighter lights, so this makes good creativity.

Many services-based websites now have their introduction videos on the homepage to capture user’s attention and make them clicked on the video.

If you are still struggling on how to enhance the video quality, then read out below mention points.

There are so many steps that involve enhancing your video clip. It’s like upscale the resolution, adjust frame rates, eliminate noise, adjust colors, and many more.

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Other AI-based alternatives were also available in the market. If you have some budget, then don’t mess with the above step, join pro plans.

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Top 5 Free Video Quality Enhancer:


Avidemux is the ideal partner when it comes to editing videos like encoding, filtering, cutting. This app describes as a video editor who can make some tasks easy for you.

This is currently free version software for windows, which is presently occupied licensed under GNU. The clean and straightforward interface will quickly help you navigate to complete the essential task.


iMovie is the best video quality enhancer app that has been brought by apple since 1999, so you can trust its reliability and usability.

Once you install in your mac, you will be introduced by lots of new features which ranging from editing video, color correction, frame rate, video change, and many other options.


Openshot is the best and most potent yet video enhancer app that you can use on your system. It’s not limited to the only platform, its support cross platforms as well, including Linux, mac, windows, etc.

You will see many features that help you better define video quality, including trim/slice feature, video effect with superior editing options, 3d animation, which helps to cover the torn part of the video, and many more.

Forensic Video Cleaner:

This video cleaner is an expert video enhance used by most government authorities to clear the CCTV footage and all. This is a complex application, which you can use by encoding script on relevant software.

This application, as the name, suggests mainly used for the forensic department, and their curve is a pretty unique feature that auto-detect and gives you an alert notification regarding the light effect on the image.

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I guess some might aware of it, but youtube is free and supported by Google. It also has excellent video quality enhancer options, which works well if you have done steps correctly.

Inbuilt youtube editor offers many options, which include trim/slim/cut videos, video settings, add a transition, and filters to your video, which will definitely help you is some manner. Let give a try.


I hope you like the top 5 video quality enhancer app, which you can use freely to improve your video work. Let me know your thought on this post. Hit the share button, if you loved it.

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