High Authority Free Product Listing Sites for Your Ecommerce

Are you selling something online, then you should try this method also, try below mention product listing sites to promote your product online.
Everyone who owns the business is working in a two-way, either selling physical entity or offering services. This post is for those who are selling some physical items online.

As we all know, the traditional method is very costly to promote the product, and it becomes next to impossible for promotion when we have variation in our product.

Whether the market is online or offline, your item’s promotion is a must, and that’s how the people get to know about your product. If we compare the online product promotional method to the traditional methods, you will see a vast costing difference.

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One of the industry’s favorite methods is television advertisements. Have you thought about a television advertisement and its costing?

That’s a different thing, and we don’t want to dig deep into that, but just a small overview, for trending television networks, if we target the one particular channel for our promotion, then cost could rise to 6 crores for that one month campaign.

That’s why most of the businesses and service industries are adapting to the online environment.

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If you want to establish your brand image into the online environment, we have to learn what digital marketing is and how to promote our product online.

There are so many ways we can promote our product online via organic traffic and paid promotion. As we all know, organic traffic is a completely tough job, but we can reserve the online market position once we organically achieve a milestone.

The people with the beginning step mostly ask where do I find the product listing sites?

Promotion is the backbone of every business, and without it, the revenue model could drop; there are so many websites that allow users to submit their product on the website.


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Which Product Listing Site is Good?

There is no standard metric to define which website is beneficial and how much it can give you more revenue by selling a product.

Most of the entrepreneurs are developing their environment to sell their own products like an e-commerce Store.

E-Commerce stores are an excellent decision to move forward, but again the maintenance and development work is costly, and you need to invest in people who can get the job done for you.

We have numerous product listing sites online where we can freely add our product, and in return, we get a Commission, but first, we need to determine the website is worth to add our product. Right.

Product categories can be vast, and it depends on your variety of clothes to electronics.

I have analyzed and added below product listing sites, which helps you get more revenue and some time business inquiry.

Top Free Product Listing Sites:

WebsitesDomain AuthorityPage Authority

Google Merchant Center:

Promoting your item on the Internet is sometimes free, but if you go with the trusted resources, I suggest you try Google merchant center.

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Google is the best to offer every kind of service to users. Google Merchant Centre is a part of it and provides an innovative platform where you can freely submit your product.

We cannot promote our product freely on Google search. We have to pay Google for shopping ads, and that’s the business right. If we are making money, then we have to give some Google also.

What is Google’s Merchant Center?

Google Merchant Centre is a tool brought by Google and is completely free for the user to list and submit your products.

Whenever we type something product related query on Google, we see the first portion of Google filled with the products; this is where Google promotes our product on the top position, once we are ready to pay for the shopping campaign.

Google Merchant Center

Which is a Required attribute when Submitting a Product to Google Merchant Center?

If you have created your account on Google, then the second step is to make sure your country, time zone, the currency selected, and then verify your domain. There is no automated tool in a merchant Centre that can fetch product data from the website, which you have verified recently.

You need to prepare your product detail in a format that is accessible to Google in the excel sheet.

Product title, product description, image URL, product URL, Product ID, price, condition, availability, brand, etc. These are must when you are about to submit the feed to the center.

List your Products to Bing:

As we all know, after Google, there is a significant player comes in the picture that is bing, it’s Microsoft own search engine offers products listing opportunities to the user.

Bing search engine has its product merchant center, which works similarly to the google merchant center.

Bing Product Ads

First thing you need to sign up with and create your product feed; once you are done with the process, you have to submit your products to the bing merchant center.

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If you are ready with the above process, then the final step is to make a call with the bing representative for the last campaign procedure.

Amazon Product Listing:

Amazon currently the most significant player in the e-commerce industry with a high return ratio. Anyone can list their product on Amazon.

If we look at the stats, then Amazon has currently 2.50 billion users who are accessing the website around the world.

amazon seller account

How to List a Product on Amazon?

Amazon is the best way to list your product, but first, you need to create your completely free seller account.

The dashboard inside is really informative, but it’s tough to analyze every entity for the newbies.

You don’t need to create a product sheet-like Google merchant center, and there are two ways you can add your product to Amazon, via manually forms filling for a single product or bulk uploading.

Amazon has a fee structure for the seller account, and it would be known as the products and referral fees. It’s very lengthy to describe here, and the post will go very protracted. That’s why I will cover the next post.

HomeDepot and Lowes:

Both platforms are entirely new for some businessmen, but if you target your product to the international market, then HomeDepot and Lowes all the best to consider.

HomeDepot and Lowes Sell homemade appliances and items With a significant discount if you purchase in bulk quantity.

Bottom Line:

Product listing is a crucial thing to consider in online business. If you are a big wholesaler, then I would suggest you create your Ecommerce Store. Follow free promotion methods if you are very budget sensitive and don’t want to invest more in building your online environment. If you like the post, then Kindly share it with friends, colleagues, and family members.

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