Free 30 Blog Pinging Sites for Quick Indexing

Have you faced any indexing issue for your blog, then I suggest you try blog pinging sites that might help you slightly get a faster indexing ratio for your website.

The first question that might arise was when you encountered this scenario or how you would know about blog pinging sites?

Most industry experts will consider thinking action suitable for a certain period for the blog, which means it will be great to do at the initial stage.

If you are from a system or networking background, then you are very well aware of the Ping term; it’s mostly found at the server level.

What Pinging Sites Does?

Sending a ping to the server is an advanced level technique, But it’s an excellent method to send updated status to the other server.

Pinging is an identical technique as most of the time, server administration does, like sending a ping from a specific IP to the particular web address or IP and then once IP resolve the requested back to the origin and we will have a result of a ping request o screen.

Most of the users will submit their site to the pinging submission tools once a week. I guess this is a recommended method; if you are updating your site regularly, then and might be you don’t require a ping action for your blog.

Ping submission is not a heavy process like other page backlink submissions; it’s just an online tool where you have to drop your web address and only press submit. It’s done.

Top Blog Ping Sites:

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http:// blogbuzzer com

http://blogbuzzer com

auto-ping . com/ping

Bottom Line: These are some of the blog singing sides recommended by the industry experts. You need to visit the website and drop you are linked to the textbox and click on the submit within a few seconds tools give the result of the blog. Don’t do much excessively pinging submission for your blog. It will generate fake traffic as well. Let me know your thoughts on the post if you like the post. Kindly share it with your friends and family.

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