Event Blogging Guide – One Time Work and More Profit

Did you fail in blogging? Or does it not earn as you expect from blogging? Then you can shift your focus to event blogging?

Event blogging is a kind of innovative way to earn money in a short of period of time, which you can’t imagine.

As we have seen most of the YouTubers create niche sites on specific topics, which can be related to a specific day, festival, or birthday wishes niche.

Event blogging niche is a kind of one-page website, which describes the information, images, quotes, videos, some animations, graphics, etc.

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Google also gives priority to the events whenever the date of a particular event is near, but somehow, top news sites also covering these topics, so we have very little chance to rank of SERP.

Does Event Blogging Still Exist?

Yes, event blogging still alive, but you need to make sure to select niche wisely.

Most of the events are seasonal, so you don’t have much time to work on the site.
We can experiment with blogspot.com to build a pure HTML based event website. There are two ways you can do that, if you are knowledgeable enough to write your own code in JavaScript, then you can do anything, nothing can stop you, or alternative ways to buy the script from YouTubers.

How Do I Select Topics for Event Blogging?

Select the profitable niche topic for event blogging is the biggest task of the whole process.
Make sure to built sites with keep people’s interest in mind. As you can see, there are almost 36 festivals in India, which are most popular including Holi, Diwali, etc, and everyone loves to share their wishes to neighbors, family friends etc.

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Indian peoples believe in interaction, which is the key to build a good relationship, maintain cultural diversity, and keeps alive traditions.

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As US peoples believe in most holidays’ festivals, which includes new years, good Friday, Halloween, thanksgiving week, etc, which are almost more than 20 famous national festivals.

I would like to advise you before begin your research, try to catch the niche which can celebrate more than a single day or which is more associated with other events, it will help to keep most of the traffic alive on the website.

Do you have any paid tool to research like ahref, semrush, they can easily gather some data from the past 12 months for you, or visit Google trends for more.

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Which Platform is an Idol for Event Blogs?

Selecting the platform for the event blog is depend on your budget. If you think your event blog will give you a 10x ROI of your investment, I would suggest you go with WordPress.

Otherwise, Blogspot is best yet, with minimum cost to set up, once you ready with your code or script, you can directly paste in theme editor in Blogspot.

If you wish to check the best example of event blogs, now today, I would suggest you visit the world meter website, this website is best event blog example, the purpose of this website is to provide real number count of the world population. Now they give a count number of COVID cases around the world.

What are the Benefits of Event Blogs?

There are so many things you should achieve with event blogs that you cant imagine with the usual regular posting blog.

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1) Event blogs are up and running for a limited period, so don’t have to work up to 5 or 10 years to achieve your goals.

2) Event blogs can achieve up to millions of traffic within few days once you research and setup properly.

3) Event blogs code built with javascript so that we can add Adsense code or any other advertising code.

4) We can add affiliate links if you are not sure about AdSense.

5) Most event blogs can help you earn at least $500 easily without heavy work, like backlink and building authority, daily posting content, etc.

6) Events blogs are not trending on google. They work through social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram by sharing links.

Conclusion: I hope you understood what event blogging is and how you can build yourself. Share your thoughts through the comment, hit the like on a post, if you love it.

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