Engagement Post Ideas That’s Massively Boost Post Reach

Newbie in the blogging field or digital field? Want to know engagement post ideas? Today I am going to cover how you create content that highly engageable to the target audience.

Today’s big competitive digital world, everyone wanted to pull millions on traffic from all over locations? Right, yes, I m trying too!!

Many of them have written almost or more than 40 to 50 posts on their website. But not able to engage their target audience to stay on the post. Yes, that’s not very easy; every post whichever goes live on google has its unique content strategy and entertaining media included in the post.

Many of them consider, or even me has some myth-like, the long post will help your audience to understand better. But that’s not the real, long post is only for work for google crawler. Because as an average human, we only tend to read the only first paragraph, not the whole post. Right?

I research so many websites and learn how they engage their audience, and first, I examine Neil Patel’s blog, the first thing I noticed is a unique and creative featured image. a single can explain more than 100 words, this is the best engagement post ideas, everybody must try. Whenever you open any of his posts, I see every time an individual image, which well defines its overall title. Another thing is after 100 to 120 words, and I noticed other pictures or examples, or YouTube embed post. So that’s just observation. To get the idea, how marketer keeps engaging you for their content.

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How Can You Create Engaging Content?

Create engaging content is also considered as one of engagement post ideas for use, writing is not that much of difficult, yes but first, you need to understand your user intends, which topic you’re going to select for the post, research the topic, you will get tons of idea,

what kind of activity user find difficult, try to cover your blog post on the scenario, if it is possible, then execute them as an example,

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This strategy will help your reader to build trust toward your blogs, the user will read whole or might be drop comments, that is another way you can understand the user’s problem, and include if any other information or feedback you get from the user.

Below are The Five Best Engagement Post Ideas:

Industry Announcement:

If you are from a particular industry, it may be from the product industry or service. Your goal might be a generating lead or sales conversion, in this scenario, you can update your user regarding new product launch, new product updates, or same way, new services, new combo offers in particular services. The announcement of the latest update in your firm also helps you get the user more attention, and we can use this idea for post engagement.

For example: have you seen hostinger website, they continuously try to engage and convince their user, to buy this particular hosting package. They release offers on almost every occasion, even if its black Friday or cyber Monday, yes, but that’s an excellent strategy.

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Question Posts:

The question-based post is an excellent idea to engage your audience to keep playing if you fail to convince your audience about new post, then you can try to include a question or some feedback related queries in post.

This proven method, force user to share their opinion, regarding product or services, 10% response surely you will get, if you try this way, the response might be positive or negative, that’s different story 😀

For example: take a look at quora, 90% user research day to day activity, product, services, schemes, even cultures, rituals, etc. large user based quora almost solves user queries, or the user gets a satisfying answer from quora.

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How-To Videos:

How to do video are a great idea, check youtube, you will get almost 80% of the how-to video, DIY video on every topic, with millions of views.

nobody will understand, in which situation or execution step the user is stuck, so try to add how to video regarding or to resolve user queries from a particular situation.

For example: check wiki how I get to know this website when I stuck in redirection step. It’s a great website.

Wikihow - Engagement Post Ideas

Product/Service News:

If you are on launching a new product or releasing a new service, then definitely you should be announcing news regarding your to the website or a press release.

Research market, what other competitors are providing at in the same cost, and try to improve your services /product in that value, so definitely your getting more exposure and engagement.

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For example: analyze your telecom networks. Every year they changed their plan or subscription value. Effective one will definitely get a prize.

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New Job Post:

If you are in the constant business phase or none of the above will work for your industry category, then this one is for you.

Everybody needs a job, a better position to feed the family, sometimes, I noticed on social media, job opening post will get more response, even than any of the above post idea.

After the social media sites, the two most engaging category is I found these jobs websites. Angieslist, Naukri, etc. and many of them.

Conclusion: try any of the above mention idea, you will achieve your engaging post goals, this also engage your content on social media as well, try and let me know your view, which works for your business niche.

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