Embed Facebook Feed on the Website In Few Click

Today, we have come up with another exciting tutorial, which is how you can embed Facebook feed into your website.

Want to showcase social media profiles to the websites. Then you are in the right place.

If you are using WordPress, then you are a few clicks away to add facebook feeds to the website.

For non-Wordpress owners, it bit tough task. You need some knowledge. But why you need to embed facebook to the website.

Currently, social media is a fast, interactive platform, and integrating social media in one place makes you the pro and feel user easy to give like from the website.

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How to Embed Facebook Feed on the Website?

There are two ways we can execute this procedure, but first, we can start with a difficult one.

Do you want to add facebook feed without plugin or with a plugin? We have a simple installation guide provided by facebook developers. Visit these page plugin and add necessary details, like width, height, you required for the like box.

Facebook dev looks like.

add facebook feed

And another way is to get help from plugins only for WordPress owners.

Visit dashboard and navigate to add new plugin section, you need to search for likebox, which is named as Social Likebox and Feeds.

As shown below.

Social Likebox

Install it, and after activate from the installed section, then navigate to the setting of these plugins from the plugin section, or you can find below the dashboard setting in the left corner of WordPress.

This plugin bit similar to the facebook dev page. Here you can save your lot of time; just add the facebook page URL in the setting page, as shown below.

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facebook likebox embed

Add the size of the facebook box according to the width and height, you can also get preview version view in the same page, before adding it to live websites.

After setting up all things, there is one more step. Navigate to appearance > then widget section, in the left-hand corner you’ll see, Facebook like box tag,

Just drag and drop it to your sidebar, or footer, where ever you want, and click on save the setting. Tada… it’s done. See.

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add facebook likebox

Conclusion: I hope you like my embed facebook feed tutorials. Let me know your view, share it with you, and save their bucks.

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