Do you Know How to Disable Last Seen in Facebook ?

Do you want to hide your status and profile pictures from the other guys that you don’t like to share with your personal photo, then you can easily conceal your everything on Facebook. Do you know how to disable last seen in Facebook, if not then stick with the post?

The first social media Facebook is popularly known for an easy way of connecting and making a new friend which is nearby around you or your institutes.

Whenever someone or a new guy joins Facebook, everything is visible in front of him, like a stranger profile, info, hobbies, recent activities, etc. 

Some people don’t have any concern about unknown people making friends on Facebook, but some are afraid of new people.

Thus, people tend to hide their last seen or active status from the world, and they will only allow showing within our contacts.

Facebook made significant changes to the desktop version Facebook and Android version Facebook app in the past year. If you haven’t got the recommended setting to disable last in Facebook, then stay here.

Do you Know How to Disable Last Seen on Facebook Desktop?

If you are not familiar with this, just navigate Facebook via Google Chrome or whatever browser you prefer.

Then go to the setting page; before we can directly proceed to the active status, make sure to disable all active logins for the current Facebook account.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is facebook-desktop.png

To check active logins, you need to visit the security section and click on the first option called security and login.

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After clicking on that, you will get the current login user status; you can click on that to see more sessions.

Even if previously, Or unknowingly, you have shared your Facebook login details with someone but still do not remember to whom, here is the key to seeing the active status on Facebook on which device the someone is accessing your account.

Click on the last option named as logout of All sessions; once you are done, all sessions will be log out from the current account, excluding the current one you are using.

Then get back to the setting page and now Navigate to the privacy section, here you will get the last option, which shows the active status.

Just click on the active status, and simply you will get the button to turn off active status that’s it.

How to Disable the Last Status in Messenger?

If you are using a Facebook messenger, it’s a quick step, even don’t need to go into the Deep.

Just click on your profile pic on the messenger and scroll down there; you will see the active status in a profile section.

Click on the active status, and you will get an on-off toggle; just make sure to on, and you are ready to hide your status from the online Facebook community.

Along the same side, if you don’t like to show the chat head notification in your top bar of Android phone then, scroll down to the below setting there, you will get chat head options just on the toggle button and chathead will be removed from the notification bar. 

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Bottom Line: I hope you got all the points regarding “how to disable last seen in Facebook”, let me know what’s your opinion about the blog post. If you found some helpful information on this blog and kindly share it with your friends and family.

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