DailyMotion Monetization and Its Complete Features

Do you love to express yourself by the video content? Yes, I know everybody knows youtube the best in 2020, as of now, Dailymotion Monetization Also tremendous and an alternative path to follow your passion.

Dailymotion is the largest video hosting platform we can say after YouTube because it works similarly to YouTube. You can create your account easily by providing simple details while signing in. It’s also a safe and legal platform, so make sure to create your content today.

There are so much entertainment, And informational related excellent videos are earning significant amounts from Dailymotion monetization.

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If you are already running a successful YouTube channel, then it’s the best way to expand your videos with the Dailymotion in today’s time.

Why DailyMotion:

Dailymotion is the second-largest video posting site, and it has now successfully acquired 120 million views per month.

is dailymotion safe

From the creation of an account to the uploading video, every process is smooth and straightforward. If you have handled the YouTube studio before, you will not get any problem running the Dailymotion account.

If you are a beginner and wish to create your video content, then you can consider Dailymotion to grow as a video creator,  because as of 2020 we know there is massive competition on the YouTube also,

We know until the 2020 YouTube doesn’t apply the sandbox concept to the videos,  which we have seen at Google search for the newly created websites to ranking.

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But for YouTube, your video must be creative and must be informative to go viral within a short time, and that is really tough in today’s time.

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Is DailyMotion Monetization Worth?

Whether video creator or blog content creator, everyone needs some motivation to stay online.

DailyMotion Features

Nobody is ready to spend the whole day entertaining the audience, and everybody needs money in return, right.

Dailymotion also offers a Monetization program like Youtube, you will also see the ads on Dailymotion videos, and per thousand views, you will get some money.

As we all know, YouTube is very strict about their policy even with a single copyright Strike it can quickly destroy your whole YouTube career, so it’s the best way you can work on Dailymotion side by side.

Nobody’s going to tackle the giant in terms of advertising revenue share, but Dailymotion monetization also offers $1 per thousand views, but that’s less than YouTube revenue.

Youtube vs. Dailymotion:

YouTube has set the criteria to apply for the monetization program; at Dailymotion, we haven’t seen any requirements for monetization.

Instant video views are not possible with YouTube, but with the right title and attractive thumbnail, you can get some views on Dailymotion videos.

YouTube is very strict with the content infringement and copyright-related act, so your video is safe, while Dailymotion policy is not as strict as YouTube.

YouTube and Dailymotion both offer beginning ads and end ads and in-between content ads.

Hands down to YouTube, you will easily get 2 to 3 dollars, or sometimes more than that with the YouTube monetization, and nobody on the Internet gives that much of cost per view for the video.

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You cannot upload more than 2 hours long video on Dailymotion, and youtube allows you to upload lengthy videos.

Is Dailymotion Safe?

If you compare the security and safety of a Dailymotion platform with YouTube, then yes, Dailymotion is safe and Secure to use in 2020.

The domain is still Live on the Internet since 2005, and now the company has improved the videos and search criteria regarding the bad video content.

The top internet security company “Norton” also shows a secure green flag to the Dailymotion domain to use, It’s trusted.


The Dailymotion is safe to use in 2020 and offers other advantages as well. If you are channel is banned on YouTube, don’t worry. Still, you can earn with video content by creating your account and enabling Dailymotion monetization today. Kindly share this post with your friend and colleagues if you love the reading.

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