Create Meta Tags and Description, Which Will Help You Get More User

Today’s topic broadly covers how you can create meta tags that directly help you to get a higher position in SERP for a particular keyword.

In 2020, it’s not easy to rank for a single keyword without having great meta title and meta description. Look around, everyone out there who rank on the first page has a little bit of text.

Whenever you search anything on google, you’ll get results with its attractive meta title and descriptions tags. Google is explicitly focusing on context or word to determine which type of information your website has.

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For meta tags, you need to make sure which keyword you are choosing, that must be present you sites, including in the form of anchor text, alt text, in the paragraph.

How to Create Meta Tags for SEO?

Creating meta-tags is not rocket science, or either you don’t need to hire a content proof writer for it.

A few simple rules must follow that make you gain lots of traffic and a higher position in SERP too.

First of all, you need to identify the content of the page. Or what content or information that particular page serves to the target audience.

You need to ensure the keyword you select for the meta title and meta description tags must be present on your webpage.

The keyword you choose does not have high competition if your beginner like me because high-profit keyword already acquired by top high authority websites.

So, work on high competition does not guarantee you success. But if you have decent authority for your domain, then use that keyword, and it will almost rank your page within 90 days.

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Now, you are ready with the target keyword, but where you can place your keyword to get the maximum result out from it.

Placing a keyword in the right position for meta tags is also important.

Most of the websites tend to use the keyword at the beginning of meta title, well that’s a one of beneficial place.

Having keyword on first in title tags makes your title visible in SERP. As you know, there is a limit in google SERP; if you are using title more than 55 characters, then the rest of the next part is invisible.

Google SERP has guidelines to show only a certain amount of text and description to be visible.

For newbies, if you are creating meta tags without having prior knowledge, then you can use this tool.
SERP Snippet Tool

Generally speaking, keep your title under 60 characters and meta description under 160.

You can use keywords in between title and description, not necessary to keep them in the first place.

Do not stuff only keywords in meta tags. Many of them have used this technique previously to achieve a higher ranking, but probably that trick won’t work in 2020.

Your meta tags must be readable with intelligently placing the keyword in it.

What you think about how many keywords you can target for meta.

Only 2, most probably yes.

It would be best if you focus on 2 relevant keywords for meta. You don’t wish to confuse crawler, right?

Here’s my home page screenshot:

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perfect meta tags

For ex.

If you are hosting provider and wish to use a domain name and VPS hosting in metas, that’s a great idea, but you are confusing crawler, whether this page is for domain name or hosting.

As you know, hosting and domain are both different. So stick with a particular and relevant keyword which suit your webpage.

I preferred self to create a meta for my site. Always try to include a keyword, which has low competition for quick indexing.

Ways to Automatically Create Meta Tags

In my opinion, you don’t have to rely on a generator tool. If you are the owner of the website, then nobody could defines which keyword better for your business, Right?

Analyze competitor’s websites and try self to create tags.

If you are on WordPress, then Yoast SEO helps you a lot. Yoast SEO plugin is the best plugin when it comes to keyword related work.


As per shown in the image, follow all suggestion which mentioned. And resolve as much as possible errors.

There is no standard rule for full proof meta. Create your catchy title to attract more users to click on your result. In the end, you are about grow yourself, right? 

Conclusion: I have shared all knowledge regarding creating meta tags and its rule. I hope you agree with it. Let me know if you have any better suggestions for meta tags creation. Keep reading, and don’t hesitate to share.

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