Complete Guide to Find Best Hosting Service Provider for Website

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Today I will give you a brief about, what is web hosting? It is a great thing to have your own website. Proper maintenance of the website is not just everything, it is very important to have the proper knowledge to be done. To create a website, a lot of things have to be kept in mind, such as having a domain name and hosting for your website is important, due to which our website is recognized.

Features Of Best Hosting Service Provider

Let’s come to the topic.

How to find a hosting provider for a website? Before starting the post, I am assuming u have your own domain name if you don’t have yet,

Please read my domain name suggestion post.

A decent hosting is critical to any website. They are the foundation of your site, your brand image, and your business. Any server downtime could possibly damage and demolish all that you’ve created over the years. If you are serious about your website, you have to ensure they are in great hands.

There are so many web hosting service providers available on the internet today.

Godaddy, Hostgator,Bluehost

Keep in mind they are costliest and best web server now in the market. First of all, you have check all the below points before hosting your website on their server.

Disk Space:

Disk space is denoting available slot or free server space for your website. My choice is to go with unlimited disk because nobody wants to choke their web server space by web files.

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Bandwidth is a major feature of any web hosting platform; this provides great accessibility for your website. If you don’t want to down your website by heavy visitor’s floods, then go with the best plan.


This is a very critical point and you have ensured when you buy hosting for a website. Uptime is like the online availability of your website. Most of the best web server or hosting provider claims that they are almost 99% up. But still, confirmation from other peoples is a must before buying hosting for personal website.

Types of Web Hosting for your Website

  1. Shared Web Hosting
  2. Dedicated Web Hosting
  3. VPN Hosting
  4. Cloud Hosting

Web Hosting Extension

Instead of that, you still wanted to create own web server for your website. Then this will be a great decision.

I know a lot of question arises in your mind.

How to make my pc as a web hosting server? Right?

Don’t worries if you’re from IT background you can easily host any WordPress or another platform website to your personal computer (PC).

  • Have you heard about LAMP, WAMP? No, ok. WAMP is actually for windows and LAMP is for Linux based system.
  • First of all, find a directory of the server and put all websites inside.
  • Now located for localhost page.
  • Configure MySQL database to the website.
  • then set domain record in host files. Click “Restart All Services” in the Wamp Server menu to activate these changes.

I know I m going very fast. Because this is a different and vast topic, so I will briefly cover these in future blogs. As per my knowledge, I have provided every possible and unique hosting tips for your website.

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If you want to check the hosting platform of other website or competitor’s website, then try where my site is hosted on Google, you will get lot of website that will provide you complete hosting details.

Conclusion: Whatever services you wanted to buy from online, ask multiple times to experts and then come to the final decision. I am using their services for my website, check now Hostripples. 🙂

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