Complete Detail of Domain Name Suggestion for E-commerce or Personal Blog

ecommerce domain name suggestion Today’s topic is not new, but it’s most important when you really wanted to start the online business, it is important to choose one of the most popular domain name for your website. In this blog, I just wanted to share you my best and worst experience while making a decision for buying a new domain name for website.

First, you have to select an extension, its domain extension!

Check out list of all domain extensions, here. It means, .com .in .co .in. us etc.

For newbie’s, it’s difficult to understand what is this? Don’t worry :). This domain extension is generally preferred by Google for bifurcating website according to a country or commercial purpose.

If you really think you need Indian people attention, then go with. In, or you wanted to target a global audience then I suggest you choose .com extension. And .us is for United States public the same as it is .in.

Next step is to identify domain name, selection of domain is not that much hard, but you really need to pay your whole attention while deciding.

Domain selection is mostly based on your business. There are different domain names ideas available in the market, but it’s depending on which one you would personally like.

which domain extension is best for seo

How to choose a website name?

Necessary steps to choose a domain name for a personal website.

1)    Don’t copy the name of the big brand’s domain name. For example, Tata, Apple, Samsung, if you have your own offline or physical address store, then try to buy a domain name with your business name.

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2)    Don’t include any keyword, while choosing a domain name for a personal website. For example indinandenatalclinic, autoshop, these are general purpose keywords, so try to avoid these words.

3)    If you are looking for a domain name for a personal website or blog, then focus on blog name that will represent your niche or interest. If you still having difficulties for finding the web address for the personal blog, try blog name generator, this will suggest unique and best name for your blog site.

4)    Looking for e-commerce domain name suggestion. Check out other successful brands name, they don’t copy, don’t take a keyword, they just wanted to create their own identity.

5)    The best domain name suggestion for blog or business website is to choose a funky name; if you really have potential then it will become a big name in the internet market. There are a lot of blog name ideas available on Google. For example, In India, bewakoof is means crazy, I don’t have any concern about that, but I like their domain name, and now this e-commerce platform is one of the best for clothes.

6)    if you Have a little knowledge about SEO then go for SEO friendly domain name, these types of domain really helpful in SERP position. I know you have a question? After this point

Which domain extension is best for SEO?

Don’t try to go deep in SEO friendly domain name ideas, because Google’s update really having an eye on your website. Be simple. Most probably Google never considers SEO friendly domain name for ranking or positioning as per my understanding.

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7)    The domain name must be easy to remember. And easy to type, nobody wanted to type you re domain name. if visitors like your website then definitely they will remember your web address. And we can help them too by selecting an easy and handy domain name.

Conclusion: Apply above all rules and idea for filtering out the best domain name idea or suggestion for your blog or e-commerce platform.

If you want my suggestion for domain name, then I personally recommend you to buy from HostRipples.

Please comment on any domain name related question if you have? 🙂

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